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just got my minibox e+, really like for all the reasons already with my er4p and ksc75, plus the form factor.

One peculiar quirk: with the included mini to mini (nice of them to include it), everything sounds fine. When I try my other two mini to mini cables, I only get one channel (or I need to pull out the plug at amp end trial and error -- basically fiddle with it partially inserted - to achieve stereo sound). Yes, I've double checked my cables, they work fine on other portable equipment. Wonder if anyone else has experienced this? Not enough for me to send this back, guess I'll have to be extra careful in selecting mini to mini cables should I want to use something beyond the provided one.
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sorry one more basic question, besides one above.

the P to S impedance switch. Is it engaged when it is pushed in or left out?

ie, when using ER4P, to get S function, push button in or leave out? thanks
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Ok still not a lot time with this, but I can deduce the following:

P-to-S is engaged when button is out (the added resistance would attenuate volume with volume level remaining same); also bass boost seems to engage (subtlely) when button is out. A bit counter-intuitive as power on is button in, but not a big deal.

However, this quirk of only being able to use the supplied mini cable, as opposed to my own is still a mystery to me.
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JimP, I just took out of the box the IC included w/ the MiniBox-E+. In my case it is made w/ Canare cable w/ a blue cover.

I can tell you that mine is not as flexible (at least when new) as others and this may be causing the problem in that it may be creating an angle into the jack which causes a poor connection. This is pure speculation on my part, so I would bend the cable and hold it in place w/ a rubber band for a couple of days. Then start using it and see if it helps, if not nothing lost.
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It's not that the included blue mini cable doesn't work - that's the only one that works! My other mini cables do not work (at the amp end). very strange.
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Originally Posted by antonyfirst View Post
It has to be expected. The inline 75 ohm will screw the frequency response of the UM2, it's not the fault of the amp. You can get good results with Altec Lansing iM716, ER6i and ER4P, but almost all other IEMs will suffer from sound degradation.
hey... does this mean it's better not to use P to S switch at all?
Well... I prefer the sound with P to S switch off...
and if it means my Shure E500 will suffer from sound degradation with P to S switch on.. then it's better not to use it at all,right??....
thx Guys..
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Minibox e+

I have my Minibox e+ back from china after a battery failure.

It was replaced, no questions asked.

I am enjoying it with a pair of OK1s that Fang lend me to compare them with other phones.

I am surprised by how these OK1s sound with the Minibox e+.

I will test the Minibox e+ with the Etys ER4/p-s, Triple Fi 10 pro, e500, SAE, PK1s, OK1s and may bw with RS1, Senn 650, Senn 600, and AKG 701s

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Originally Posted by Thermionic View Post
Soon after I received my original MiniBox I also found that sometimes it wouldn’t charge, the battery stayed flat and I had a dead amp. This seemed to be to do with the sequence that the charger was plugged into the back of the amp. Sometimes if you plugged the charger into the wall outlet and then plugged it into the MiniBox it looked as though there may have been a momentary short or discontinuity that the charger didn’t like, and it shut down giving no charge. But if you plug the charger into the amp first (make sure the red led lights on the charger) and then plug it into the wall outlet, this seems to give a reliable charge.
Hi, I just received my minibox e+ and was wondering do I start charging it for 10hours like a new handphone or do I use it till the battery is flat then recharge?

I did try to charge the amp, does the red light on the charger change to green when its charging or does it remain red in colour?

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Originally Posted by TaZ82 View Post
Hi, I just received my minibox e+ and was wondering do I start charging it for 10hours like a new handphone or do I use it till the battery is flat then recharge?

I did try to charge the amp, does the red light on the charger change to green when its charging or does it remain red in colour?

I've just received mine as well - love it so far!

As for the charger light, mine is actually amber in color and seems to stay that way whenever it's connected to a power outlet, but it looks like there have been changes to the E+ (not sure how long ago, but mine is a bit different from the pics I've seen), so that may not be the way it works for other owners' units.

The changes include buttons instead of switches, so that the power, bass and PtoS all now use a red button. The power is on when the red power button is depressed, but as has already been said of the PtoS button, both bass and PtoS are engaged when their respective buttons are NOT depressed - counterintuitive, but not a big deal. Also, the SFOR/spatial expander is gone. Anybody know if anything (other than doing away with the SFOR mode) has changed internally? I tend to doubt that it has as what I'm hearing matches what I'd read about the E+.
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Mine lights amber while charging and then turns off once charged. I always plug the ac adapter into the amp before plugging into the wall.
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I guess I just didn't wait long enough. The charge light turned off once the charge was complete on mine, too.

It was mentioned by someone else that the amp was specifically made to be paired with the ER-4P and the Yuin PK1. I don't have the latter, but I can attest to the fact that the E+ works great with the ER-4P! I have to admit that I'd always thought that talk of the S being significantly better than the P was probably exaggerated. I am now a convert. Engaging the P to S makes quite a difference to my ears. The treble becomes more prominent, more open (and yet more focused), and more extended. It's bright for my tastes this way, but eq'ing down in Winamp at 14k and 16k just a tick and engaging the bass boost on the E+ gets it just right. It gives me more detail than I ever got in P mode and better bass punch at the same time. This moves the Etys closer to my full sized cans in terms of pure ability to reproduce the frequency range. I'm going to have to compare them all over again now to see where everybody stands (fun!).

One surprise to me is that the P to S mode does the opposite to the HD595's of what it does to the Ety's. Weird. The Senns become more constricted in both soundstage and frequency response. I haven't given them much time with the E+ yet, but they do sound good without P to S being engaged. It'll be interesting to hear how the DT880's pair with the amp.
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does the mini box E not the + one have "A" gain switch &does anyone know the gains if it does "B" a bass boost switch? thanx
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I received my minibox e+ and yuin pk1s just recently and there sounding better everyday. At first the bass wasn't the best and I found myself using the bass boost switch often especially for anykind of hip hop music. Now after about 50 hours of burn in the bass really opened up and so did the soundstage. No need for the bass boost switch anymore unless someone is a real basshead and wants to hear what they can do. Its fun to use with some hip hop or rap but for everything else I leave it off.

As for the P to S I leave that off at all times too. It seems to constrict everything with the pk1 and my senn hd555s.I also really like the new red buttons instead of the little switches. They never get pressed accidentally like how my pa2v2 I would sometimes flip the switch if it was in my pocket with keys or something.

Overall it is a huge step up from my pa2v2 and sounds fantastic with the yuins. They sound alot better than my 555s for everything and now the 555s are only used for movies at home with dolby headphone. Thanks head-fi for the great suggestions and getting me into this hobby.
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Originally Posted by leo5111 View Post
does the mini box E not the + one have "A" gain switch &does anyone know the gains if it does "B" a bass boost switch? thanx
Both versions have in the front panel a switch to insert a 75 ohm resistor on the L/R channels. That would be the closest it has to "gain switch".
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