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Ok, yesterday got myself a good set of Philips SBC HD1500 wireless digital headphones (Dolby Headphone supporting ones), so needed to check surround sound in action, pulled bestest sounding disks off the shelves. That would be Matrix, Star Wars Ep3, LotR:Ext-Ed and some other disks.

So, i stick in Star wars - drive does "cant read" routine by moving head up and down the track... Drive just wouldn't stop and shut up... Same goes for Atlantis (2 disk) edition (movie disk), so does for Final Fantasy Advent children (both disks). Some other disks refused to be read.

So i stick them into my standalone Philips DVP-5980 and voila, they all work without a hitch...

Mind you, disks are all legit factory printed region 2 material. Drive is regionfree (Liteon 20a1p or some such).

Now, it would be problem solved if drive wouldn't read anything else (throw it away), but it does, DVD data (-+R, RW), DVD video (LotR, Matrix), CD's. So, it is not that drive cant read...

I'm confused...

Oh, btw, "not reading" problem persists when physically disconnected from IDE channel... Some disks just get read and stop the drive, others keep on spinning and moving head...


I have tried all the usual bits of troubleshooting. Viruses, trojans, spyware absent. Hardware has newest drivers availiable.
Can someone explain all this to me ?

P.S. And Philips SBC HD 1500u's are a great fun to listen to Very Happy Expensive, but worth every penny i paid for them...
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Maybe it's a copyright or watermark issue, considering that only certain discs won't read.
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Crossflashed my originally DH-20A1P to LH-20A1P and now it reads hapilly everything i throw at it... Coudnt find any firmware for DH so resorted to reflashing into different model. I thought if its not working as it is there is not much to lose if i brick it altogether But in the end it worked out ok, at least for reading, will be testing recording tonight...

Is it just me or star wars ep 1 pod race sounds better in DD than DTS (using HD1500u's) ???
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Might be because of the volume. DD is usually louder than the DTS track at the same volume level.
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