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5 pages of positive comments...this JMT sounds like an OK guy...

Actually, i think he's probably a machine, not human at all. what else could produce such amazing works of art, piece after piece after piece. and he replies to each and every email and PM!!!

but seriously Jon never hesitated to answer all of my questions, the Meta (in black hammond case) looks just awesome (damn, i wish i bought a wall wart in advance!!!), and it arrived a day and a half after he mailed it. there are great guys(and gals) on this board, but JMT is a king among kings.

I would happily buy or sell to Jon again, and I hope that I can.

Here's to JMT *lifts glass*
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This is actually a double thanks to Jon. First, I just received my Super Home Meta from Jon. As always, he answered all my questions quickly and completely, the build is amazing, and I can't wait to try it out (and, of course, I know it will be great).

Second, Jon just purchased my second pair of Koss KSC-35s. He's quick to communicate and send payment, and for that I give him thanks.

By now (this is amp #4 from Jon), I've run out of superlatives for someone who deserves all the praise he receives (and more). In any case, as Duke Ellington said, Jon is "Beyond Category!!!!!"
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I have 2 of his amps. Fast service & great sound!
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I received my META42 a few days ago and couldn't be happier. It is very solid (well made), instructions were included, it was packed very well, shipping was fast, and JMT was patient and helpful when answering all of my questions. Highly recommended!
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Bought some Hansen boards from JMT, he sent them promptly and they look great. Thanks JMT!
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5 stars & then some!

What else can I add to JMT's long & illustrious record? Extremely professional & accommodating. Any noobs (or anyone else for that matter) wishing to get a DIY amp from him should be safe in the knowledge that they are getting a 1st class amp be it construction or sound wise. Just look at his custom tag, how does he do it?!

Even after we have confirmed pricing, he still gave me a deduction due to a saving made on his bulk parts purchase. Top guy! Worth the wait even if you are in a long waiting list.

I wish you all the best & continued success (sounding like a birthday greeting innit?)
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Sold a pair of DT770's to JMT. Payment was extremely prompt. Also Fixed my meta42 for free that fell victim to my stupidity.

Thanks a ton Jon.
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Well I should have done this a long time ago. I got JMT to build me a Cmoy. His patience with all my questions and indecision was exemplary, you could not ask to deal with a better person than JMT. My highest recommendations.
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Bought my first ever amp from JMT. Very patient and nice guy. Didn't get upset when my payments were late. Will buy from him anytime!(if i had money ) Thank you so much!
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Bought my Sony D-EJ01. Very prompt payment, in total, the transaction lasted around 1.5 hours. Highly recommended. Would buy/sell with him anytime.
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What an honor! 100th in the JMT parade!

As you all know, Jon is an absolute star! I was referred to him by eric343 to see if Jon would build a META42 for me. We ended up diong several more transactions, including an Altoids CHA47 that Jon built for me as well, along with a customized cable. Before it was done, I bought his Pana 470 pcdp. Fabulous communication in all of our dealings, marked by lightning quick responses to my PMs. It's all been said many times before, but thank you kind sir! Everything has arrived safely. I can't wait to give the amps some air time.
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I bought some Koss KSC-35s from JMT.
And as usual, he is a pleasure to deal with.
I would highly recommend him.

Even if you don't want to buy anything from him, just send him some of your money.
You'll be glad you did.
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Excellent meta42 amp built by JMT. Arrived in a mere 2 days, 1 day if you don't count New Year's Day. He was very generous in his parts selection for my meta42, as well. I'm indebted to him.
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Just received my second amp and a braided cable from Jon. As usual, first rate all the way! This is the 3rd transaction I have completed with Jon and he is a true professional!

Thanks a zillion Mr. JMT!!!
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To add on to the rest...

I just bought a Denon CD player from Jon. It was impeccably packaged (double boxed) and is in wonderful condition with all the original packaging.

A pleasure to deal with.

- Chris
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