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bought a cha-47 a long time ago but for some silly reason never posted feedback. obviously it isn't needed, but jon is a hell of a nice guy and a pleasure to deal with.
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Goodness - I did not even know this board really existed for feedback of this type or I would have posted earlier. Sorry for the oversight. I have had the good fortune to have been able to purchase 3 amps over time from JMT. Always prompt and responsive in every way and great sounding amps. Concur fully with all that has been said above. Thanks again, Jon.
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What can i say, great amp, great guy! Everyone else pretty much summed it up
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I just received a META42 from JMT (my 3rd JMT amp) and once again JMT = Skill, Integrity, and Great Service. I only wonder if JMT has some special deal with the post office, I've been getting his packages from west to east coast in one day!
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Another happy customer ! Jon built a META42 (portable configuration) for me and it is an outstanding amp. He was patient with my endless questions and handled the transaction in a first rate and professional manner. He produces a fine product and is a damn nice guy ! I look forward to dealing with him again.
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I bought a CHA 47 from JMT. He answered all my questions thoroughly and patiently. The amp is very well made and sounds great. He ships very quickly also.
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Received my amp within a week of sending my money order. Good comunication and smooth transaction. Really fast shipping. Highly recommend!!!
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JMT built a META42 for me. It arrived sooner than expected and sounds great. Definitely a person to do business with again.
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AAA+++ rating for JMT. I had a very enjoyable time configuring a META42 amp with much help from JMT. Fit, finish, sound, and build is exceptional. Also, the amp arrived much earlier than I had hoped. Well done!
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Couldn't believe how quickly I received my JMT Meta42 (portable) - it happened so quickly I wasn't prepared! Great work, fast turnaround and friendly service. When I asked for a mod., not problem, low cost, JMT is the best.
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JMT built me a beautiful CHA47 in a blue Penguin mint tin. For a guy that does this as a hobby, he was very fast and I got my amp much sooner than expected. I can’t wait to try it with my SR-80s when I get home.

He does very clean work, the inside is uncluttered and organized and the knob, jacks, and switch are mounted cleanly.

I would not hesitate to ask JMT to build or tweak another amp!


I’ll post some nice High-Res pics of the amp soon.

[edit] Here are the pics. I compressed them to a 600*400 size.
The first Picture The second Picture The third picture The fourth picture
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My Amp Rocks

JMT made a CHA-47 Altoids amp for me. What's to be said? It Rocks! It was made super quickly. It was shipped quickly. It was shipped before I sent my cash. It rocks. It sounds great. It looks cool. It rocks.

In case I am being unclear I dig this amp.

I have hooked it up to my Denon mini disc portable, my sony portable cd player, my Denon home cd player, my Sony home MD player and my game boy advance. I am using grado sr-80 phones and am more than pleased. If you don't have one of these you must get one.

The best part is the look of awe on the faces of my friends when I open the mint tin. I hold it with the connections hidden by my hand and offer them a mint. B . . . b . . . but theres a circuit board in there. Ha! Now there's you a practical joke!

Thanks for the amp, JMT. You rule!

Tha Troubleshootah

P.S. take a look at my online journal

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One more JMT transaction. This time, however, I was not the buyer but the seller (I actually feel honored--Jon picking up something from me!). Anyone, as always Jon is the most honorable person around, and a great guy to boot--one of the best!
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maxed meta42

JMT built me a sweet META42 in a hammond case. The craftsmenship is simply amazing, far far better then anything you can buy for the price. Thanks again JMT!

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Chaulk up another great lightening fast deal. (Would you believe it wasn't an amp ? ) Just purchased a pair of AudioQuest Vipers from Jon, I honestly don't know how he delivers so fast. Multiple transactions, always on the money. And he's a genuinely nice guy

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