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JMT as Buyer

Purchased Brickwall conditioner from me, very fast payment, very professional, highly recommended A+++
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I just received my META42 amp JMT built for me. Amazing build quality and sound. As usual, the service was fantastic. I just can't say enough about what a pleasure it is to do business with this guy!

Thanks, Jon.....
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I forgot to post here when I got my penguin CHA47. It's great, goes so well with the SR-60s. JMT was great to deal with...

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Purchased Stax SR-001 MK 2 from Jon. What a great guy to deal with. This is my second transaction with him and as usual, flawless!

Thanks Jon!
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Just recieved my CHA 47 amp I had Jon build for me. Can't wait to try it with my phones (should arrive any day now...pair of Beyer DT 250-80s)! A terrific guy to deal with, very friendly and helpful. Lightning quick delivery too! I can't wait to try one of his Cmoys. Highly recommended!
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Purchased a Meta42.
This is my second amp from JMT.
What can I add that has not already been said?

Top notch service!
Highly recommended!

You can see some of his work here.
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Originally posted by bootman
Purchased a Meta42.
This is my second amp from JMT.
What can I add that has not already been said?

Top notch service!
Highly recommended!
I'm in exactly the same position as bootman with one exception... even the postal service seemed to want me to get my META42 in a hurry, left CA on Friday, and arrived here in the UK THIS )(Tuesday) morning... brilliant service all around
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Great emails, fast shipping, and all in all a friendly guy. Amp works great!
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yesterday i recieved my JMT CHA47 penguin amp in the mail. JMT is very skilled at packing things in boxes with maximum protection!

Overall, dealing with JMT was awesome. I asked a million stupid questions, but he always replied without looking down on me. After he recieved my payment, he shipped the same day! very prompt. His assembly of amps is top notch. I would definitely deal with JMT again.

you can see pics of my amp here:
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Another great transaction with JMT. Thumbs up!
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I needed an earpad for my Grados and he sent me a pair FREE. It was one of the kindest gestures. I definitely appreciate his generosity and would buy from him in a second. He's just great. Thanks again.

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Today I received my Meta42 amp from JMT. This is the third amp that I've purchased from Jon and if anything, that says it all. The Meta42 sounds great, he's one of (if not the) most honest people that you'll ever deal with, and his workmanship is amazing.

Jon, once again thanks again!
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I've just received my second amp from Jon, a Meta 42 biased into class A. Jon is, simply put, a first class gentleman who does wonderful work.
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I got a CHA47 amp from JMT, andI have to say he makes one sweet amp. Getting it was hassle free as well. Thanks Jon.
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Jon is da man!
sorry I took so long to post. I was just listening to the music.
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