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The talented, and busy, JMT carefully, and patiently saw me thru my time of "PM full".

Needless to say, no one in his right mind should hesitate to cotact JMT, espcialy if one needs a custom tailored portable amp, with feedback!

Nice, n patient!
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Jon is a gentleman through and through. He kept in constant communication even as he was leaving town on business. He showed an uncommon amount of trust in sending someone so new to this game such a large sum of money, and I thank him for that—he deserves the reader's trust as well. If he isn't careful, he may yet usurp Joelongwood as Grado supreme commander.

Enjoy those Alessandros, Jon!

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Ive joined team JMT!

Jon is a true gentleman! after a short wait time, I received my Penguine amp today. What a pleasant transaction. He even included the mints that came out of my tin! I love the amp. The quality and craftsmanship is second to none!

Thanks Jon!
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Received my AKG 501s promptly from "the man" ......... as expected.

We love ya, JMT!
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JMT did it again!

Receive a Cmoy with meier X-feed from JMT a few days ago. The AMP sounds absolutely wonderful! The build quality is very satisfying, too! Not to mention the fact that he is such a gentle person to deal with. Thanks a lot, Jon!


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Wow, Wow, and Wow again!!

What can I say that hasn't been said already? I bought Jons V6s and an Altoids amp from him... The whole transaction oozed quality, from first discussions until when my package arrived this morning... The care that Jon puts into his equipment, and its shipping has to be seen to be believed!!

Totally amazing, and a most definite 10/10 from the UK judge!!

BTW Jon, the V6s and the Altoids combined have destroyed my faith in the headphone out of my E905!! Thank you!! (I think )

So, It goes without saying that I wouldn't hesitate in the slightest to do business with Jon again
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I just received my new "killer Penguin" from Jon today. We are so fortunate to have this guy at Head-Fi.....

Thanks Jon......
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Another positive for JMT

Hello all;

I recently picked up a extension cord from Mr JMT. Arrived fast and was exactly as described. A good deal!

Would buy from him again without hesitation.

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Yet another completely satisfied JMT customer: the cmoy with crossfeed.
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JMT is a great person to work with. The transaction for my CHA-47 went smoothly . . . and I would easily recommend him to anyone who is interested in his amps. Overall, I was very, very happy with the amp he made.

But a more in-depth discussion on the CHA-47 he made for me are coming in a few days in the form of a post . . .
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hmm either i'm going about this the wrong way or JMT has been unavailable recently??

i am interested in the altoids/penguin amp i hear so much about, so i sent JMT an e-mail and a private message (about 3-4 days ago) but haven't heard back yet...

i guess i'll wait a bit longer then try again.
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i've waited, tried again, and have gotten through! just thought ya'll'd like to know...
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I have both the CMOY and CHA47 from JMT. His level of customer service is unsurpassed anywhere, by anyone. Great sound, too.

Thanks again!
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JMT email address

Just curious but what is JMT's email address, I am trying to email him through the forum and it wont work......

Does anyone know it?
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Great service, great Cmoy, great person, great transaction....and I pretty much ditto everyone's comments here. A pleasure doing business with you.

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