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Just received my JMT CHA-47, in a cinnamon altiods tin.

The amp was perfectly packaged and sounds fabulous!

JMT went much further then simply building me an amp. He provided me with an education about cans, amps, and of course cables.

Thanks again Jon. Its been nothing short of an absolute pleasure.

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What a guy!

JMT recently sent me 3 Hansen PCBs. They were very neatly packaged and arrived very promptly.
Thanks again!
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I just bought an altiods amp from JMT. Everything about him has been said already, so I'll end this by adding another good experience to the list!
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I have to admit I'm somewhat ashamed that I forgot to post feedback here when JMT shipped me an Altoids CHA 47 amp and three Hansen boards. He is both trustworthy and prompt. I would definitely do business with him again.
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JMT built me a CHA-47 portable headphone amp and I am very pleased with both the quality of the amp and the sound. He was nice enough to answer SEVERAL questions I had over a period of probably a week, as I had never used a HA before and had no real knowledge of their design. If I ever buy any non-Grado headphones that require amplification, I'm going back to him for yet another fine product.
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Jon is the man! I rec'd my altoids amp within a few days after it was confirmed. Amp arrived well packed and with easy to read instructions, thanks again Jon!

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Excellent everything...

For a more-than-fair price, JMT built me a CMOY Altoids amp in a custom tin optimized for Etys which turned out fabulously. The work inside was top-notch, everything was laid out well and it's constructed solidly. Also, from start (giving my order) to finish (getting the amp) took less than a week. What a workhorse!

Great guy to work with, friendly as all get-out and he cares about other enthusiasts. I would do business with him any old time.


- Matt
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Thumbs up!

I love my CMOY Amp and the wait was worth it. Great product, price, and a quality person...Kudos Kudos and More Kudos!
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JMT, you need to build me a tube amp.

Another great transaction with JMT.
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Recently got a CHA 47 & Cmoy w/meier crossfeed from JMT. You couldn't ask for a nicer or more competent person to do business with. I used to be a DIY'er years ago and I have no Idea how JMT can turn out amps that perfectly done so quickly. Those penguin mints keep me awake on those late nights doing sound!
Thanks JMT!
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JMT and His Amps are "Wicked Pissa"

Add 1 more voice to the chorus of JMT praisers. I am pleased to own and use this altoid amp, crafted by a true artisan with an obvious love for music and a passion to help other enjoy it.
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... and yet another voice of satisfaction. A class act all the way.
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JMT recently bought my Grado HP-1s...very prompt payment sent out, and as usual a pleasure to deal with. I've also got to mention that I've been harrassing the poor guy to no end about modifying my amps, and that he still have the patience to deal with me is incredible. He's definitely da man.
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Great guy--
I have an amp he built for me---I don't leave home without it!
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another happy customer
read transaction and initial thoughts of custom CHA-47
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