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Sold Jon a SACD and couldn't be happier with the transaction. Very professional. Would do business with him again anytime.
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I was leaving some other feedback, and realized I have not bumped up Jon's in a while. We send each other stuff frequently. I feel a little silly leaving more positive feedback for Jon, you really have to be the master of the obvious to bother at this point! His reputation is sterling around here, and everyone knows it already.

Anyway, I remember the first time I dealt with him. I was looking for a Charles Hansen board. I've come to know him fairly well in the last few years, and although there are a lot of great guys (and some gals) around here, Jon is pretty outstanding. Very reliably consistent in everything he says and does: machine-like reliability, yet a warm and caring personality that could not be less akin to a machine.

Thanks for being such a good guy to deal with, and thanks for being such a good person all around, Jon.
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Jon is a perfect gentleman to deal with, very friendly, responsive, and helpful. I ordered a mini cable from him using the HG silver braid and switchcraft plugs. As is with all his work, it's built beautifully. Even though he was in the midst of a personal loss with his beloved dog, he never failed to keep me up to date on the status of the build. I could not recommend him more highly and look forward to getting other things from him in the future.
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JMT built me a 'transportable' Pimeta and posted it to Sydney, Australia.

He was polite and helpful when helping me determine the spec's of the amp. I was kept updated as to his progress during the build, which was a nice touch. The amp arrived in perfect condition despite having been through the rough and tumble of international post - the packaging job was excellent.

Build quality of the amp is excellent inside and out.
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Jon bought 3 LP's from me. I asked him to send a check and told him there was no charge for shipping. He not only sent the check fast but he also included an extra $5 for shipping. A class act.
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Jon went out of his way to get some parts I couldn't source in the UK, he kept me informed at every stage of the transaction and always makes time to answer questions. Jon is a valuable asset to Head-Fi and you can bank on him to deliver the goods..... 11/10.... deal with Jon and you won't be disappointed.

Cheers Jon.

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Thanks to JMT

Bought a used TAirhead from JMT. He shipped it immediately and it was perfect with all the original little bits and box. What a great guy.
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another good sale

I bought a CDP and bag from Jon. Exactly as described, and bulletproof shipping. A good guy I'll buy from again.

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Excellent seller! The amp shipped much faster than I expected. I wasn't home when it arrived but my grandparents said it arrived on Friday and he shipped it out Thursday. The amp sounds great too, would not hesitate to do business with again.

Thanks JMT!
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Bought a Mini to RCA cable from JMT. The cable looks like high-end audio jewelry, and the cable arrived fast and well-packaged. JMT is a great Head-Fier.


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Just another positive experience to add to the rather long list of positive experiences with Jon. In this case Jon built a custom extension cable to run my Sensaphonics IEMs. It is simply a piece of art, and looks rather like the Zu Mobius sitting next to it. (Read: very professionaly assembled and finished.)

Thanks for the awesome work, and count me among the many satisfied customers you've had over the years Jon!
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Add another happy customer to Jon's long list of happy customers. John built me a custom PIMETA Amp. He really took care of all my needs and wants. Great communication also, I e-mailed him almost every night for a week and he always politely answered back the next day. I received the amp nicely and securely packaged. Got to play with the amp a bit last night and when I didn't think my SHURE IEM couldn't get much better, his amp just amde them sing louder, and better. I definately will be a repeat customer. Thinkin of getting some Headphones soon and I definately will be asking Jon to build me anoher amp for home use.
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I bought a bunch of parts, he gave me a great deal. very nice man to work with

recommended head-fi'er A+
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^^I hope you weren't the one who stole my blue velvets jerb.. :P

GOt parts too... got lotta stuff on a good deal, thanks JMT!!
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I bought a pair of HF-1's from Jon. They were well packed and brand new, as advertised. It is always a pleasure to deal with Jon.
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