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"Silver Edition" PPA

I had JMT build me a pretty high-end PPA that he dubbed the "silver edition". He was a joy to work with, he answered all my questions and kept me up-to-date on the progress of the build. I couldn't be happier with my PPA and will definetly buy from him again.
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jmt made me a 6"mini->mini for my portable rig (4g ipod, sik din, and emmeline sr-71). it's terrific - well made, flexible for a substantial cable, and looks swell! jmt shipped very quickly and was great with correspondence...very satisfied indeed.
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Pimeta Home

JMT just built me a home edition Pimeta, tweaked to my headphone requirements and optioned as I desired along with with Crossfeed circuit. He was great to deal with - never more than hours on an e-mail response to a question or request. I live in South Florida and with all of the recent hurricane activity, kept having to reschedule delivery over a couple of weeks - That was no problem with Jon at all and when it was finally OK to ship, I had the AMP in my hands on the 3rd day. The amp looks great and is well put together. I'm waiting on new phones to wring it out since my old cans have gone flakey on me, but I'm sure it's going to sound as good as it looks.

If you are in any way uncomfortable having someone build you a custom headamp - go to Jon and be happy. He makes it easy.
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While not technically a new sale, JMT has gone out of his way to provide me with technical support on numerous occasions, including, but not limited to my wonderful META. Jon is a fantastic guy, and his patience and desire to help us n00bs out really makes this a wonderful place to waste time.

thanks JMT.

** I want to add that Jon is one of the guys who always impresses me with his packing jobs. I thought I was anal, but man, Jon makes sure your goods arrive in great shape. gotta love that!!
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He purchased a PPA front panel, made by FPE from me, the comunication as usual was top notch, and as usual was a real pleasure to deal with him...This gentleman is one of the top notch buyers/seller in headfi....thanks man we need more people like you here....
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PPA Deluxe

Impression from a newbie - JMT answered question after question; did not try to 'sell' me on anything but his answers were so informative I learned enough to consider an upgrade from the transportable I was ordering.

Just received an email from him to let me know my gear has shipped - the entire transaction was incredibly smooth and I felt "dialed" into the loop at every step. He even sent me pics at the midpoint of the build - suggested some amazing improvements to keep with my aesthetic goals (come'on you know if I'm going to order a customized amp I'm going to *customize* it, right?)

To make a long story short, I got incredible service and attention, I really felt like I was ordering a Ferarri - in this case it turned out to be a fully loaded PPA with Black Gates, Nichicon Muse, diamond buffers, dual headphone outs, 627 socketed op-amps with 825s and more to roll, bass boost and crossover (which I may never use but hey, I was being thorough) improved power supply - the only thing I didn't add was the stepped attenuator but there is room for that if needed in the future.

Thanks Jon for everything. <-- Another satisfied customer.
- Neil
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Bought a PCDP from JMT. He is pretty much as good as it gets. But based on the feedback above me, everyone knows that already. Smooth transaction. Very prompt shipping and product exactly as described. Very satisfied buyer here.
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Jon bought two Quail Power Cords and paid the shipping fees promptly. great guy to deal with and would definitely do business with him again.
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Jon helped me out by buying the Star Wars Box Set that I had up for sale.

Another excellent transaction with Jon...I am losing count

* Superfast Confirmation of intent to purchase
* Flat-Out payment speed
* Mega smooth transaction

Now I have to play catch up and ship the stuff. Jon puts me to shame when it comes to promptness and cordiality.

A++ person to deal with
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Jon showed an extreme level of generosity and grace by responding to a request I made in the Amps forum for a cheap headphone amp, for use by a non-profit private school. My Aunt runs this school and had some sound problems with cheap components. Jon volunteered his services and built a very nice Mint amp, which works wonderfully for our purposes.

A true class act,

Thanks Jon!
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By now, everyone knows what a wonderful person JMT is to deal with, so this is probably a bit redundant. However, I may as well add my 2 cents, cause you can never have too much good feedback :580smile

I purchased a couple of custom cables from Jon. He mentioned that he would need to order the 90 deg connectors, so I assumed it would take a couple of weeks. Well, I was wrong. I received the cables just 8 days from when I put the check in the mail (including Thanksgiving)

The cables look great, and the shorter lengths work much better for my setup. I also like the small size of the 90 deg connectors he used (much better than my older cable).
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JMT was a part of the Vampire RCA group buy. He was quick to pay and excellent to deal with. I would be more than happy to deal with JMT again in the future! Thanks!
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jmt PPA

Another newbie here with more positive things to say about Jon.

Jon built me a wonderful sounding PPA. Communication was awesome, all my newbie questions answered. Very quick response to all emails. Very quick shipping. AWESOME packaging! I would not hesitate a second to do business with Jon again.
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He joined in the Quail power cable group buy. Paid promptly. Looking forward to dealing with him again.

P.S. Sorry for the late feedback.
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Sold Jon a set of diamond buffers made by Glassman, and the payment was sent the next minute, even pick up the Paypal fees, JMT keep on rocking!!!!!
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