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JMT bough a new pair of Senns MX500 from me. Equally good experience. Extremely fast payment and good communication.
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There is nothing left to say about JMT because everything has been said.

I ordered a PiMeta + ICs from JMT, and I am very pleased with the quality of his product and the quality of customer contact.

I will buy all of my amps and ICs from JMT in the future, and strongly recommend him to any potential buyers of JMT products.
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Just bought JMT's HD600 and Equinox cable. Prompt shipment and in as described condition.
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Jon bought a pair of Kimber 8TC speaker cables from me, and all went well, of course.

"And he's a jolly good fellow, and he's a jolly good fellow, and he' a..."

Oh, never mind.
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thanks Jon

Jon purchased a SACD from me, very good communication, prompt responses, easy transaction. Thanks.
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The whole transaction was smooth and easy. Thanks!!!! Sorry I forgot to post this sooner.
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I sold JMT some more copper braided shielding recently. Everything went smoothly, and I would gladly buy from, or sell to, JMT again.
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I just received my Transportable amp from Jon. As to be expected, the amp sounds great. Jon and I have completed many transactions; each one has been as simple as the one before it. Jon, of course, is one of the best people around, and it's truly an honor to know him. Thanks once again, Jon!
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Thank you, JMT, for our nice transaction.
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I just received my MINT from JMT. He was super friendly throughout the transaction, and answered all my questions (I had tons) very kindly and knowledgeably. The build quality and his packing skills are superb! I will definitely recommend him to people and will do business with him again!!

Eric Dean
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Completed another (one of many) transactions with Jon (JMT) and again...he was faster than me in sending the payment...

Not that I have been humbled by a superior headfier I will begin the quest for faster bicycle so that I get to the post office before Jon's payment/product gets to my hands!!

Hard to beat Jon when it comes to fast transactions with quick communications - and he is a very good friend to boot
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Bought some Grado flat pads from Jon and as always the transaction went off without a hitch. Whether it be a transaction, advice or just conversation Jon is of those great Head-Fiers that is just a pleasure to deal with.

Thanks Jon!
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I bought a Special Edition PPA Amp and an IC from JMT. Fast service, answered my stupid questions. He is the man! If I ever decide to throw away some more cash, he's my first choice
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I bought some Joe Grado HP-1s from JMT......

i sent him a money order and he had me my headphones within 3 days of recieving it...

The headphones were absolutely immaculate and a great price

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Transportable AMP

Bought a Transportable amp from JMT (back in July). It works great powering my Grado SR-225's.

Noob when it comes to audio equipement and sought aid from GSFerrari when I needed assistance removing the interference from my notebook soundcard. He recommended amoung other things an amp from JMT (through a USB DAC bypass [feeling like a surgeon now]). JMT, a gamer thanks you.
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