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I ordered a Home Headphone Amplifier from JMT in December, my first headphone amp. I was much impressed by his helpfulness in tailoring the unit to my needs, answering questions and keeping me updated on the build process. Delivery was timely, and the amp is a solid, handsome piece. And the sound . . . I never would have guessed my headphones could deliver that kind of musical authority. I think we need a Team JMT.

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Just picked up Jon's 0.5 meter mini to RCA cable. Great service and build quality.

Thanks Jon.
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JMT bought some copper braid from me. Another good Head-Fi transaction for me.
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Bought a Transportable pimeta and mini to RCA interconnect cable. Great service from Jon and awesome quality on the products.

Thanks a bunch!
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just realised i hadn't posted feedback for a transaction in December, oops! Fantastic as always, shipped me some DIY parts for an exceedingly reasonable price, and put up with my uncertainty regards shipping! thanks once again!

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I just received my PIMETA Home amp and I'm a very happy customer!

Jon was very good about answering all of my various questions. Usually they were answered within a day, but sometimes within minutes! He's a very good communicator. He also will keep you informed on the status of your order.

Build quality is top notch. It sounds nice and goes LOUD.

I'd definitely do business with Jon again.

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In the category of better late than never, I wanted to throw some kudos towards JMT. Several months ago (and I do mean several), he built a portable amp for me (my first one). It was very well made and sounded good (turnaround time was less than 2 weeks from my initial request). I liked the fact that he asked a lot of questions about how I might be using it, what cans I had, etc. before the build so that we had the "right" recipe for good sound.

I didn't use it much at the time, so it had little impact on my daily life. Lately, however, portable audio has become a daily part of my life, and the amp really improves my enjoyment. Thanks for your hard work, JMT.
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Just purchased some DT880's off of him, very fast shipment and a great guy to deal with!
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Another great transation with Jon! I asked if he could help with soldering these two TRS-XLR adapters together, as well as putting some OPA627s onto an adapter for me, and of course he had no problems with helping out. Always an excellent person to deal with!
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WOW!! JMT is not JUST an amp builder :)

Yes - he can also send you custom handwritten checks in double quick time

Sold JMT my beloved Canon Powershot A-70 camera and we did a cross shipment of the camera and payment. I received the check this morning and he received the camera around the same time as well. Fantastic transaction...

JMT is very polite and quick with his replies. I felt INSTANTLY comfortable cross-shipping my gear to him and I will deal with him again with no hesitation.

Fantastic...this is the way deals on ebay should be for it to work for me
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An Appreciation

Recently, I approached JMT about an outboard crossfeed unit for use in my Stax setup. This isn't a product listed on his web site, and I wasn't sure the idea was even viable.

His response was quick, friendly, and knowledgeable. The details were quickly finalized, and I was kept up to date as the project progressed. It arrived today, on schedule and securely packaged.

Like all the JMT products I own, my crossfeed is solidly built and professionally finished, the kind of component that's a pleasure to use. And, of course, it works as promised.

Much appreciated,

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I bought another amp from JMT recently.
He was more than helpful in this endeavor.
I highly recommend him for all your amp needs.
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Sold a few opamps to Jon. He was very courteous and responded quickly to my messages. An absolute pleasure to deal with and would do so again without hesitation. He actually overpaid!
Thanks for a smooth transaction Jon!
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Yet another great transaction with da man. This guy knows how to build a killer amp. As a bonus, he even pours his heart, soul, and blood into them.
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