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Another amp project completed profesionally by JMT.
Always good to deal with. This makes three he has built for me.
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Just bought an upgrade to my JMT META based off of his website's recommendations. Sounds amazing, as if it were any surprise to anyone with something JMT has had a hand in.

Good packaging, good response, and i'm guessing he has some sort of deal with the postal service since his shipping time is unbelievable.

Thanks a lot!
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Jon, my friend, you've outdone yourself this time.

I received my JMT-built PPA today (plus the power supply--what luck). The build quality is excellent, and so far (after only four hours of burn in) this amp more than lives up to its reputation.

As always, Jon is the best there is. Thanks again!
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What Frank said

I've had my JMT PPA for a while, but didn't have the proper power supply (24V Elpac) till today. While it was impressive running at lower voltages, it's definitely more authoritive at 24V. Jon's implementation of the PPA design and his build quality are both first rate. This is one outstanding amp. I can't believe the sound coming out of this little box Jon's always been great to work with and to deal with. Truly a professional in all respects. I'm one of Jon's many repeat customers and cannot recommend him highly enough.

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What else can I add that hasn't already been said.

Jon built me a custom meta42 (essentially his Home meta in a smaller case, designed to run from a wallwart or external battery pack). Helped me select the best opamp to meet my goals and provide synergy with the rest of my rig. Shoehorned it into a case that would fit into my carrying case. Helped with selection of controls and layout to meet my requirements. And was very professional and patient throughout the process.

The end result: a custom amp that sounds fantastic and meets my needs and desires in every way. It doesn't get any better than this
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Bought a vintage Marantz amp from Jon. A steal at the price he gave it to me. Thanks!! Fast shipping and as advertised. A++
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I bought some amp parts from Jon. There was great communication and extremely fast shipping from coast to coast.

Thank you very much!
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Love that PPA

JMT built a PPA for me, and the entire process was pleasant, friendly, and professional.

Jon gave excellent advice prior to the order, scheduled and built the amp in quick order, and sent it well packed.

I could not be more pleased. Unfortunately, I must wait for the Elpac power supply from Mouser before giving my new PPA a listen, but it sure is well built, and looks pretty

I give JMT my highest recommendation.
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Can you imagine, I had to go all the way to PAGE 4 in the feedback forum to find the JMT thread?!?!? What is this world coming to? Jon, you must be slowing down! Anyway, thanks for making the RCA-to-mini cable for my XP-7. Excellent work, fair price, and courteous service -- as always. Wayne
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Very quick payment. 2nd transaction just as good as the first one. Jon is a great guy, and I never hesitate in dealing with him. Thanks!
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I just purchased a PPA, Elpac PS, and mini to RCA cable from Jon. Everything arrived in excellent condition very quickly. The quality of everything i received was of the highest quality. Craftsmanship is supurb and most importantly everything sounds great. I would not hesitate to do business with Jon again; very smooth transaction. Very happy!
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I recently purchased a PIMETA amp from Jon. His knowledge, service, and craftsmanship is formidable. While my PIMETA will serve my needs for some time, I do look forward to being a repeat customer.
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Also just bought a PPA and Mini to RCA cable from Jon. The amplifier itself is immaculately well built, and the cable is amazing. Jon had the built in no time, and as for delivery I was astonished. I got an email on the Thursday evening saying it was finished and he would stick it in the post on Friday. It arrived Monday morning, jolly good considering it was travelling internationally.

All in all excellent, definitely might have to buy some more kit in the future
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recieved a very nice mint with cable. sent friday, arrived tues, and i was suprised it was that quick. very nice and professional guy. two thumbs up.
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Bought a custom interconnect cable. It was built and shipped very quickly and is exactly as I ordered it. JMT is also an excellent communicator. I'm looking forward to buying an amp or two from him in the near future.
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