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I've had two transactions with Jon; he
is very prompt (instantaneous really) with payment, polite, and
provides great communication.
Highly recommended to do business with.
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I recently delt with Jon- me being a seller. He was prompt in everything. Good to deal with- highly recommended.
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META42 and mini to mini cable (Switchcraft 90 degree plugs and Homegrown Audio Super Silver cable, is what Jon said).

Prompt, courteous, and informative. A pleasure to do business with someone who obviously loves his work and subsequently builds only quality products.

Love my META42 / ER-4S combination.

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I recently received a JMT-built maxed out META.

Jon always replied promptly to all my queries and kept me informed throughout. He was so fast with constructing and sending the amp that I received it before I expected it (i.e. before my power supply and cable had arrived).

The amp has that solid quality feel, looks great and, last but not least, sounds fabulous - all reflecting the high quality workmanship and attention to detail of Jon's work.

Highly recommended - I wouldn't hesitate to ask him again if I want another amp.
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I just had a META42 and mini-> RCA built by Jon, and I'd have no reservations about working with him in the future. The build quality on both the amp and IC is fantastic! On top of all that, Jon got it all done pretty quickly -- very impressive. I highly recommend JMT's work.

He's also a great guy that really takes time to answer questions and help you make the right decisions for your particular application.

In ebay speak: smooth transaction! GREAT SELLER! A+++++!! AWESOME YAY WHOOOO

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It's funny that this thread is among the largest at Head-Fi, but not at all surprising. I carried out another wonderful transaction with JMT with no hitches whatsoever.
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This isn't the first time I have had the privelidge to interact with JMT thru a commission,and I hope it isn't the last. JMT is without any doubt one of the finest individuals a person can deal with. A professional that knows how to make you comfortable. What more can one ask? Thanks for everything JMT.
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What can I say that hasn't already been said?

Generous, highly responsive (I got 5 replies in as many minutes!), amazingly understanding, and wow... can't beat that speed - under 5 days.

I'm glad that in my step to mid-high range amps, that JMT was the first person I dealt with.

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Ordered one of Jon's METAs and its a quality amp. Hes very fast building these amps. He also orderd the op amp I wanted when he didn't have them on hand. Would definetly do buisness with Jon again
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I echo the guy who asked, "what can I say that hasn't been said about JMT?" But I must add my voice to the chorus of others who will publicly thank Jon for his honest and professional service in amp building. He is very generous to give of his time and talent to those of us with little to no electronic expertise. Thanks, Jon, on a quality product and a great buying experience. (If parting with cold cash could ever be pleasant, Jon would make it so. lol.)
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JMT sold me an ASL UHC Signature. When it was apparent that the one shipped was not functioning correctly, he replaced it no questions asked. He ships very fast, and is a straight-up guy. Can't ask for much more.
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business as usual; an AD8620 on a Browndog and a silver mini-mini; shipping and packaging excellent; made to spec and good price!


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I bought a Maxed Out META42 Jon was selling that had been in his work rig as well as a pair of DH Labs Silver Sonic interconnects. Prompt, polite and helpful correspondence. The transaction worked out great, in fact Jon shipped the amp to me and I received it before I even got the check out. Everything arrived in pristine condition. I've always wanted an amp like this, I used to drool at the pics people posted in the Amp forum of similar METAs. Couldn't be happier or recommend dealing with Jon enough. He's a great guy. Two big thumbs up!

Thanks once again!
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Jon just built me and shipped a nice Meta42 and Elpac wallwart. Wonderful build and answered all my questions quickly and courteously. Thanks Jon!
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I bought a meta mint amp from Jon--a great transaction from start to finish. Good communication, fast turnaround and, above all, amazing amp

What can I say--he lives up to the hype...

Thanks Jon!
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