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I traded a pcdp to JMT for a custom cable. The transaction was very easy, and communication was great throughout. Quality of the cable is superb. I'd deal with him anytime. A great guy all around.
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new mint

Got my new JMT made M.I.N.T. today, was shipped yesterday. Fufilled all my expectations, who could guess that such a small amp could sound so good. Thanks!
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Jon bought my K-1000. Fastest payment by mail by far.

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Another great, quick & easy deal with Jon. Always a pleasure !

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Jon and I just traded amps. As always, another perfect transaction.

Jon is in a class by himself.
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Jon built a maxed out portable meta42 for me.
He was very patient with my question and
made lots of customizations. The cable he makes is top notch too.

Great guy to deal with.
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Well, can you tell by the fact that Jon's feedback stays always on the front page the trust we, Head-fiers, place on him?
I can only say that it is very well deserved.

I recently received a precious META in a Hammond enclosure. Jon was extremely patient with my questions. He provided outstanding feedback during the building process. The OPA637 is really great

You can not go wrong by contacting Jon for your amp needs.
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Mini (1/8) to RCA

Along with my new META (see previous feedback), I also received a mini to RCA cable from Jon.

This cable is so appealing, both physically and sonically, that I felt compelled to post a specific feedback reply for the cable on its own. This is the least I can do to give justice to such fine craftmanship. It is made out of the braided Homegrown DIVA cable.....

I congratulate Jon and exhort Head-fiers to contact Jon for the cabling needs!
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Just finished yet another successful transaction with JMT. Very patiently answered all my questions and put up with all my requests for a maxed out META. Also modified my Altoid CHA47 for like the 8th time or something now. Can't say enough good stuff about him.
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JMT: Highly Recommended!!

I recently purchased a Meta42 Amp from JMT. I was particuarly surprised by his responsiveness in replying to my PM and his promptness in making/shipping the amp. In fact, the entire process from the time I sent the check to the time I received the package at my doorstep (with insured mail) was a little under 2 weeks. This response time is AMAZING considering that I'm located in Hawaii.

JMT is a great guy to deal with... would do business again!
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Just received my rca/mini cable JMT custom made for me. A work of art. I would need to write a short book to fully describe the feeling of integrity Jon potrays. A professional,sincere gentleman in every sense. I look forward to another opportunity to converse with him again.
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Bought a MINT from JMT

JMT is very professional and takes time to help. Quick replies and excellent build quality.
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Completed yet another great deal with Jon. Love doing business with him. He's a man of high caliber and integrity...

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I had the priviledge of having JMT build a meta 42 amp for me, and I'm extremely pleased with every aspect of what he has to offer, a great product, a great price, and his customer service is better than any retail store I've ever dealt with.

The amp makes a night and day differance with my Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro headphones! Before the amp they kind of sounded like they were struggling to kick out music, but now they sound powerfully driven and full of life.
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