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JMT is most definitely the man when it comes to building amps for people. He's a pretty nice guy, too.
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I can't believe I never posted to the JMT thread. Got my Snoopy amp from JMT. Great amp, great guy. Can't recommend him enough. Buy his stuff. Buy it now. Pay him extra.

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JMT rules. He sent me the amp I ordered promptly and it sounds great and looks great too! Thanks JMT.
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JMT is the BEST!!!

JMT is incredible.
The altoid amp he made me has got to be the coolest thing ever. Its absolutely the best. However, it is easily topped by his generousity, politeness, and his incredible work ethic!
People like him are what make this headphone community so special!!
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JMT is the best geek ever.

Prompt payment and emails. I may have to get an amp from ya someday.
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A true gentleman. I have 6 of his amps......enough said.
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JMT is talented, competent, professional, generous, kind, honorable, benevolent and a heck of a great guy. I received my Altoids Cmoy/Apheared Amp and I am totally satisified with this wonderful component. Hat's off to one of the nicest guys on the planet!!!
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I received my JMT amp today--suffice to say I've got a big smile on my face. JMT has been a pleasure to deal with -- courteous, professional, and prompt. I don't hesitate to recommend either him or his equipment.
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It all began around the time 10 Aug 2001, I requested fellow JMT to make me an amplifier suited for the Grado 325's. Little did I know about the trouble I would be facing later on. I decided to pay for FedEx shipping as I am currently residing in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and the postal service here...well...just sucks! The U.S. FedEx website said it would cost 49.19$ to ship here. Fine with me so off I went and sent JMT a Money Order on the 23rd of August. My good man JMT had already built the amp for me by then. About 3 weeks had gone by and we had totally given up hope that the demand draft had gotten there and I was really unhappy. After about 4-5 weeks he finally recieved the Money Order badly damaged (told you the postal service here sucks ) and we found out it really wasn't a Money Order: instead it was more of a Demand Draft. The bank took another 2 weeks or something like that to give JMT the money and they took a WHOPPING 30$ as a service charge. So for the shipping JMT only had 49.19-30=19.19$ left. What happened then? Well JMT the good man he is sent me the package via. USPS. It cost him 21.10$ to send me the package here. JMT paid $1.91 from his own pocket because he only had $19.19 left for shipping. Also, in this time we were waiting patiently for the money to change hands I had requested him if he could modify the amp to work for the Ety-4 Series instead of the Grado 325's and guess what?
He rebuilt the amp for me all from scratch and he added a 1/4 input jack AND a 1/8 input jack . Today it's 27 Nov 2001 almost 3 months after so much suffering and waiting I have finally received the amp.

The amp came extremely well packaged and there wasn’t a scratch on it. It is enclosed in a black Pac Tec case with gold plated RCA inputs and a ¼ jack and a 1/8 jack, the volume pot is silver. The amp looks very sexy and color coordinated . It’s absolutely beautiful. Construction is top notch, even internally the soldering was professional and everything is well laid out. I rushed off to the nearest convenience store and bought 8AA batteries and put them in. It sounds amazing…the bass off my Sony MZR-900 an my Panasonic 570’s line out is just smooth as silk or should I say as smooth as a baby’s bottom . The highs and mids are just perfect. Even though this amp was designed for the Etys, my Koss KSC-30’s sound amazing on them. Turn the volume to max and what to I hear? Nothing! This amp is utterly hiss less. What can I say, I am in acoustic bliss. Eargasms galore.

Let me tell you a rough quote of what JMT told me once in a PM “I am not interested in profit, I want to share my love for music by helping people achieve better sound. That’s why I try to make amp’s for everyone in my free time.” What can I say to such a good kind-hearted soul? His ethics are impeccable. His patience and trust in people is unparalleled. If it was anyone else was in the situation I faced with him they would have probably withdrew from their offer or possibly even ignored me. Words can’t express what I think of this man who I haven’t even seen.

I feel as if me and JMT have gone through a lot and I have learned a lot about the banking system here. Similar mistakes shall not be made again. I only wish there were more people like him were around (Do you perhaps have a clone brother? With all the amps you make I wonder ).

I thank you, JMT, and all the people of this wonderful community who got me into this hobby that makes my wallet a lot lighter but makes me a lot happier in life .

Disturbed AKA Fruitsalad AKA Anirudh H
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Hmmm figured its about time I add feedback on trades I did long before this forum existed.

I traded a Creek-OBH11 with JMT for an amp for my Ety's and some money. Everything went great.
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I received a Cmoy w/crossfeed from Jon. I found his emails to be very informative for the uninformed (me!) and very gracious, god bless DIY'ers. And by the way, the amp is amazing, it has breathed new life into my pana 470 blue model.

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JMT made me an incredibly well-made CHA47 amp in a Penguin Mint tin. He kept me well-apprised of the status the whole time and was great to do business with. He truly is the CHA47 factory!
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Just received another new amp from Jon today. What can I say? From order through delivery,.... First Class All the Way!
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I just received my beautifully crafted Altoid amp from Jon. It sounds as great as it looks!

Through numerous e-mails, I feel as though I've made a new friend.

Thanks, JMT.
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After spending 20 minutes stuggling to get into the incredibly well packed package, I was finally able to set my eyes (that hurt) upon my brand spanking new JMT CHA-47 in, of course [1], a penguin mint tin! What an incredibly cool device!

JMT was every bit as easy to deal with as I had been led to believe by other head-fi'ers. He kept me well informed and, considering his warnings that patience may be required, built my amp in a most expeditious manner.

Only downside is that now I have to go out and find a 9V battery! Yes, I was unprepared...

Thank you JMT!

[1] Goes without saying for any self-respecting linux geek.
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