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I bought JMT's DAC 1.1

The Bel Canto unit was sent very quickly, very well packaged and in great condition....I think I'll have to buy a Meta 42 from JMT as well!!

Thanks Jon!
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JMT sent me one of his "famous" mini mini cables. I thought it would be alittle longer. But I did say 7". Oh well this will work great. MAN my wallet hurts. Next comes the Meta42 and I'll MOST DEFINATLY be getting that through JMT. His workmanship is incredible.
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Two thumbs up for this gentleman!!!!

Well after seven pages of feedback, what else one could probably say without being bored?, OK I will try, at least, he deserves it, even when I consider that JMT is one of the guys that does not need feedback, his actions speak for himself.
Well after I posted asking for some recomendations to mod my AmpTwo speaker amp, to drive my headphones in an optimum way, modifing the value of the resistors or so, instead of suggesting or posting any mod, (and he has knowledge enough for that) this generous gentleman contacted me via private message, (not even in public) and offered me one of his ASL UHC Signature, a transformer coupling device, a magnificent unit, brand new, or at least it seems to me to be like that, and just to give me the chance of evaluating the sound, to see if this will fit my purposes, and even shipped it, at his expenses, I received it from him in two days, just to try it and test it. Just for the records!!! he never was trying to sell it to me, as since the first PM, I clearly stated, that I was waiting for the Gilmore V2 amp...when I tried it for a few days, and I think I'd finished with it, I PMed him, just ot send it back, and his answer was: "...don't send it to me now, just keep it until you receive the Gilmore V2 you ordered!!!!! WOW, unbelievable!!!! I have now a debt of gratitude with him, that I don't know how the hell I'm gonna pay!!! If we could just add some more members like him to this forum, this will be the Nirvana!!!!.....
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Like Sovkiller, I don't know what to add to all the JMT kudos! Anyway, I will certainly buy from him again. Got a maxed out Meta42 amp from him, hope he'll also build a portable amp or two for me. Jon is very knowledgeable and very willing to share his knowledge and expertise.

Great communication, great product. Don't hesitate to do business with him.
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Waiting list

Hello all,
do the mint tin amps come in diffrent configurations IE better capasitors for better sound for more money..?? and what is the waiting list for these little gems.?... there is obviously a lot of work that goes in to the amp including holes in the sides of the tin for switches and the like, its only a small concern but do the tins get dented or scratched....yes I know it's a stupid question but as my wife will tell you I am a bit obsessive
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Fast and pleasant

I received my JMT CHA47 less than 2 weeks from the day I mailed payment-outstanding-go Postal Service! Build quality is awesome, and all questions were answered quickly and politely. Thanks, JMT.
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The man is a legend

Completed a trade with Jon, as well as bought some things from him in the past. He's the man to deal with if you want integrity, honesty, kindness, and understanding. HE is THE BEST. Will definitely do business with again.
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Bought a Meta42 from Jon. Communication was great; he answered most of the questions I had, and the amp was delivered in good time and packaged well. He even worked on my amp while he was away on business! Build quality of the amp is excellent, and I got all the configurations I wanted with it. Also the sound is great. Overall a great person to deal with! I'd gladly do business with him again.
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Just received my META42 from Jon the other day. It's hard to fully express how impressed I am with the workmanship of the amp and the professional but very friendly attitude of Mr. JMT. I highly recommend him.

I will, of course, post specs, pictures and impressions of the amp in the amps forum soon ;-)

Thanks Jon!!
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Just received my Meta42, it's exactly what I wanted. His workmanship is very professional.

It was done a lot faster than I thought it would be.

I'm very happy with my amp and would not hesitate to do more business with Jon in the future.

Thank you
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How much does JMT charge for his mini to mini cable and how does it compare to other cable...?
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JMT built me a CHA47, and all I have to say is that all the great feedback he has in this thread is TRUE.

Communication was great, received the amp quickly, and the build quality is very clean.

I am definitely going to speak with JMT if I ever go for a META.
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I purchased both a Meta42 and a CHA47 amp from JMT. As everyone else has said, Jon does excellent work. And, as I posted previously: Great communication, great products. Don't hesitate to do business with him.

Thanks again, Jon, for all of your great work and patient devotion to this community!
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Had a great transaction with JMT! He shipped quickly, and packed it well! Thanks much!
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