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What I don't understand is why JMT didn't run for Governor of CA last year. Just think of the great job he would have done. . . .

Seriously, their loss is our gain. Jon just upgraded my portable Meta, and included his braided mini-to-mini cable. This is actually the first time that I'm completely satisfied with the sound of my NJB3!

As always, Jon work is impeccable, his turnaround is super-fast, and he's the nicest guy on earth to deal with. Thanks, as always, Jon!
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JMT is a King among Men

What can I say that hasn't already been said?

JMT build me a maxed out META42. He was VERY helpful in helping pick out the components used based on my budget and listening habits. He was more then happy to put up with my n00b questions, and was very speedy in replies! He kept me informed on the process of the actual building of the amp, and when/how the amp was shipped.

The actual amp itself looks wonderful. The build quality is top notch, which is no surprise. The sound? My oh my...I won't get into this, as I will try and spell out my thoughts on this subject in my review thread (with pictures) once I get everything ready.

I would have JMT build for me again in a heart beat. He is one of the nicest guys out there, is very friendly and helpful, and is great at keeping a person up to speed on the process. Plus, his amps sound great

Thanks so much, Jon!
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Jon built an amp for me in spectacular fashion. Fantastic communication, speedy delivery, and he really made it a comfortable and easy experience for me. I'll be sure to deal with him again.
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JMT and I just traded headphones (my AKG 340s for his Beyer 931). As always, things went smoothly; Jon's the fastest shipper there is. . . .

Not to mention the nicest guy you'll ever find.

Thanks again, Jon.
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Well, I wish that I could add something to Jon's already impressive 4+ pages, but I can't, so I'll repeat some.

Jon was excellent to deal with. He was very patient with all of my questions regarding the components of the amplifier, and helped me decide what parts would be best given my requirements. The build quality of the amplifier is also excellent. It's a real work of art and it sounds great too! I also had Jon build me a small interconnect and it looks very nice and professional.

Overall, Jon is a professional and does excellent work. I would not hesitate to buy from him again, and I encourage anyone who wants a META42 built or a good DIY interconnect to contact him. You will be very happy you did!
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I ordered a Super Silver Mini to Mini I/C from of course JMT.

As expected, I received it in a timely manner and the quality of workmanship was excellent.

The price was very reasonable and would not hesiate to place another order with him in the future.

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I recently ordered a META42 amp and Silver Mini to Mini cable from JMT and received both of them yesterday, a mere day after they shipped.

Simply stunning work, they both look and sound wonderful. Jon was very nice to deal with and helpful in choosing what options I wanted for my amp. I'm extremely grateful to him for building it and that I chose to go with this option.

As soon as I get my new phones in, I'll be able to test the real potential of this baby I wouldn't hesitate to recommend buying from JMT any day.

Thanks Jon! It's great to have such a trustworthy and skilled DIY-er on Head-Fi.
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JMT, the best

JMT The best!!!
Well, I received the custom made cable for my Senns HD590 and the mini to mini cable, both made from Canare cable!!! they look AWESOME!!!, I only have been able to test the mini to mini because one of the plugs of the Senns cable did not fit into the headphone's cup ( my fault). I mailed the cable back to JMT to fix it, and guess what, NO EXTRA CHARGE!!! he is the best. Thanks, JMT
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JMT just sent me an interconnect for my Philips 963/nOrh combo. Boy, he's quick--seemingly less than a week from order to receipt. The cable looks great, the quality of work is amazing, and I can't wait to give it a try. Once again, another superior Jon transaction.

Thanks again, JMT--you are amazing.
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I just received my META42 portable amp a couple of days ago and would like to say that Jon was very helpful with suggestions and answered any and all questions that I had for him. The amp itself is amazing - build quality, sound, etc. I want to thank Jon for the great service and promptness of delivery. Cheers Mate!

Best Regards and Recommedations!
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Just got my JMT built META42 portable amp and mini to mini interconnect and all i can say is Jon was very helpful in assisting me select the configuration and answered all my questions promptly which i admit were rather lame. I haven't been around Head-fi much lately and didn't even know what a META42 amp was till about two weeks ago...I wouldn't hesitate in dealing with Jon in the future...
Mahalo & Aloha Jon
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Over the past month JMT offered to sell me some amplifier parts I was looking for. He offered me a great prices and kept me updated through every step of the transaction. JMT's just one truely amazing guy!!!
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Well, strike up one more for JMT. The souped up meta is fantastic, as was his service. A great guy to deal with. Thanks Jon.
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JMT and his jewels

I get to write on the last page! It was a pleasure dealing with this gentleman, having him build me a jewel of a portable Meta 42.
I thank you Jon.
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need i say more as you guys have said it all.

jon built a cmoy for me , it is excellent .

costumer service A1.

tnx jon.
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