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JMT has made me four cmoy/Apheared/Hansen-type amps. You'd think JMT lived in a post office as fast as things get to me. Somewhat embarrassingly (for me), I even received a couple of the amps before I fired off the check! He's patient and generous. Would do business with him again in a heartbeat!

Also, JMT struck a deal with me to buy my Silver Sonic interconnects. Prompt payment through product exchange was fantastic and quick.
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JMT just bought some headphones from me, and paid very promptly. As a display of my gratitude (not to mention my remarkable generosity), I made sure to include a Velcro cable wrap thingie (with a retail value conservatively pegged at around $0.30). Ah, yes, to do business with me is to enjoy untold riches.

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I just received one of the infamous "Penguin" Cmoy/Apheared47 amps from JMT.

Satisfied in every way.

Thanks JMT!
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Great Little Amp!


I would like to thank JMT for making me his DIY amp. Dealing with him has been one of the best experiences so far. The amp was neatly packed and came with detailed instructions on how to use it. It's beige in color and quite tiny. Woohoo! My first amplifier ever!
Thanks JMT

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Minty Listening

I received a beautiful Altoids amp from JMT, and the fit-and-finish is excellent, and it sounds as good as it looks!
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Got a penguin CMOY from JMT, packed well, came very speedily. Smooth friendly easy transaction.
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awesome jmt!

got my Penguin today and have been enjoying it all afternoon. What an upgrade over the headphone out on my Neo Jukebox! Thanks JMT!
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thumbs up? Hell yea!

I purchased a DBSE JMT Penguin from the kind soul a few months ago.

Amazingly prompt, courteous, generous, kind, smart, and skilled in making amplifiers, JMT is THE model DBSE man, IMO.
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hmm, does he ship to Europe as well?
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Ive also purchased an amp from the kind soul JMT but unfortunately the postal system here is highly inefficient
Its been almost a month and my mail hasnt reached him
Anyway I still recommend him
Thumbs Up! for JMT
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wasn't even sure my question was serious, but he does ship across the big one. very interresting
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Oops, forgot to post here. JMT built me a very nice Altoids amp which I enjoy often. Thanks JMT!
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Shipping To Europe

Braver - I have recently commissioned an Altoides Amp from JMT and he is mailing it to me in the UK.

I can only reiterate what everyone has said. He has been a pleasure to work with.

Thanks alot JMT.

I can't wait to hear the amp!
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Got my lovely Cinnamon Altoid off JMT, definitely two thumbs up to the amp and JMT as a seller.
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I just received the JMT amplifier. Very nicely and sturdily build. The package was wrapped with diligent accuracy meaning the real attention to the item

Flawless work, JMT. Thanks a lot
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