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double post

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Looking for a legit pair of these, but can't seem to find them for anything less than $130. Where can I get them more towards $100, and are legit? I keep looking at the AT's site of authorized dealers...

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Looking for a legit pair of these, but can't seem to find them for anything less than $130. Where can I get them more towards $100, and are legit? I keep looking at the AT's site of authorized dealers...


Did you take a look at the dealers in this thread? :


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Yeah, and they're either over $130 or refurbs. The refurbs are $60. Should I go for them?

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The ATH-ES7 seem to be a popular headphone to imitate. I am thinking of buying a pair. As I live in Japan during 2010, the chance of getting fakes should be smaller.

New ones are too expensive for my poor student budget so I'm thinking of getting a used pair from Japanese Yahoo auction. The chance of fakes should be very small especially since the sellers post pictures of the headphones.

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speakers wired parallel of course. as u see on the 1st pic 0o


it always does a remarkable effect with the sound 

it becomes faster and more of highs are heard. 


imo any headphones with non-stock cable make a step-up.

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So a slight thread bump.  I was wondering if someone could describe for me the sound signature of this phone.  i've read so many different threads about it, and it seems that there are varying opinions about the mids.  So if someone could clarify for me what they actually sound like, i'd greatly appreciate it.  i'm looking for a set of phones to accompany my ck10s.

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How something sounds can't be accurately described with the written word, especially when it comes to two people's different sets of ears. You need to hear the headphones for yourself. Just buy one and try it, if you don't like it you can re-sell it on the FS forums.

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i love the way voices sound on the es7

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How about an opinion from someone who loves music but couldn’t use any audiophile lingo to save her life?


For starters, I listen mostly to rock, alternative, and jpop and use an ipod nano with no amp.


If you really enjoy listening to vocals and song lyrics, this is a good headphone because voices are very clear and not muffled at all. Unless the singer intentionally mumbles or you have a really low quality song file, you can hear every word that’s sung like you’re standing there with the singer. Some songs are so clear that I can tell some of the background singers’ voices apart.


In most songs that I listen to, I can almost hear every note that’s strummed on the bass guitar and can follow its rhythm. If you’re looking for heavy thumping bass though, these headphones may not be the best.


I’m sorry if I’ve only been repeating what’s already been said! As Asr said, it would be best if you could hear them for yourself.

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^^ well, from your description, they're what i'm looking for.  haha.  I guess i'll pounce on these sometime this week.

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alright trying to keep this thread alive.


I just received my es7 today.  Man these headphones look beautiful out of the box, so I was excited to put them on. So guess what? My gosh they look ugly on my head, lol.  I might be on the bigger side on size of head, but the headband just doesn't look right.  Everything else does, just not the extreme horizontal upside down "U" of the headband. I'm hoping the headband mod works. 


Comfort, I find them to be comfortable although a lot of people say they are uncomfortable. Maybe not as comfortable as circum. headphones, but nevertheless comfortable.


okay now comes to the sound impression out of the box. Coming from a ATH M50 lover, the M50 is a class above it as the M50 has better clarity, refinement, and balance.These are portable, so I'm not expecting it to excel above the M50 so no biggie. So far I somewhat like what they can do, but kinda lacking in certain ways.  They can be slight bright, but the issue to me is that they are sorta harsh and peaky at the same time in both mid and highs.  Whereas the bass are just nice. I didn't expect the bass to be as good as they are.  These little headphones can really pack a punch and the fast pacing thump is a pleasure.  I can say the headphone does have a fun factor to them and are definitely colored compare to the M50.  For those who are wondering, the M50 has more bass, refiner bass, lower sub bass, slower bass where as the es7 bass are central on mid bass, punchy, and upfront.  


I'm like the fun factor about the es7 so far and I hope burn in is going to help them improve.  I don't know how I feel about the slightly unrefine highs and have a tendency to be not clean enough.  The brightness doesn't bother me much because compare to the AD700 that I own, this is not so bad. They can seem to be on the thin side for me, but that could be because I'm coming from the M50.  If they can clean up a bit more I think these will be a good portable set for me.


For those who owns both the HD25-1 II, does the bass of the HD25 are impactful like the es7? I'm thinking the hd25 II might be more my liking, but if they are not impactful then these might be it for me. I'm just a little worried about the looks and the unrefinement of the es7 because I'm unsure about burn in.  I haven't seen my M50 changed in any way yet. It might be because I like them right off bat. After all of the headphones I have listen to, I can say the M50 really does perform well for it's price range.  They are just an all rounder headphone that is very easy to like.  I'm hoping I will be able to like the es7 the same way.

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i agree that the bass is extremely fast and accurate. it adds to the fact that vocals and guitar are center stage on these phones, leaving the listener hearing music, rather than listening to bass. if that makes sense. they indeed are very bright out of the box. try adjusting the equalizer (i used "deep" in itunes, plus bass boost on my amp at first) until some brain-in and burn-in take place.


i never really listened to vocal until recently, but these headphones make this genre a pleasure. you indeed feel like you are standing next to the singer. in Opeth's "Damnation" album, i feel like my shoulder is pressed into his chest and he is singing right in my ear. i can not only hear when his lips touch and pull apart, but also the spit rattling in his throat when he takes a breath. as gross as that may sound, i recommend anyone who owns the es7 to pick up the album. 


my phones have 80+ hours of burn in on them, and they have def. warmed up. the mids are very fluid and warm. and the bass has come out so much that i now turn off bass boost and set my equalizer to "off" or "flat." they had become my favorite phone out of all the ones ive heard. (still looking for phones that share the sound sig.)


i also recommend picking up a john seaber cmoy bb off ebay or something. they sound like hell straight out of an ipod.


EDIT: the CMOYBB is my favorite amp with these phones. i own an ALO Rx also, but the CMOYBB pairs like a pro with these phones.

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I see that you also own the DT770, do you like these better than the beyer?  I'm considering the beyer as an option, but I am afraid they aren't fast pace like these. 


I have consider an amp, I'm still up in the air between the cmoy 2.0.2 BB or the mini^3. I'm not ready to jump right now for them since I just purchase these, but will be once I warm these up.




  My first test on the es7 is not completely fair, but as with almost all headphones the first listening is always not that great.  I don't know if this is possible, but last night I listen to them for maybe 3 hours and everything was rocky.  Then, this morning I pop them on my ears and casually listen to them and boy they sounded different.  Things cleared up quite a bit, maybe not as clean as I want them to be, but totally acceptable considering what they compensate in everything else.  I feel like I am finally getting to know them.  The es7 is no slouch for sure.  They look small, but produces big sound.  I love that they are so so easy to drive and so upfront about everything.  I feel like these little monster aren't afraid to show what it got and are willing to throw everything at your face. 


I just listened to Opeth and the vocal on the album are really there and close by.  The genre is not my type, but I still appreciate what it reveals about the es7.  these are excellent headphones for portability.  I can't wait for them to warm up more, right now I feel that they just need to tune up and tighten everthing up a little bit more. I guess I can just take your recommendation and buy the amp to do that.

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yeah the amp has bass boost, but i feel like the boost extends a little higher than standard bass boost, warming everything else up too. at least that is the impression i got.


the DT770/80s i have are mostly for gaming, but are not bad music phones by any means. definately warmer, with bass that that seems louder but with less sustenance than that of the es7. I feel like although there is more bass quantity-wise, it just doesnt feel right. It feels softer, and less detailed. the bass feels synthetic, and less like an instrument in a band. The bass of the es7, to me at least, feels as real as can be. the bass on the es7 makes even hip-hop bass sound real. (i hope you know what i mean. if not, just ignore that part haha)  


compared to the es7, the beyers are also missing the sparkle that makes the es7 an eargasm when listening to vocal music, and bluesy guitar. either the beyers have a recessed mid region, or the es7s have a mid hump, but either way the beyers leave me wanting whatever it is that the es7s have.


also, the es7s are FAST AS F***. they can keep up with anything. the beyers seem laggy. 


but if you play unreal tournament (which i rarely do anymore, but was actually on my way to do when i saw your post haha) or a similar game with explosions that no other cans can seem to quite pump out, get the beyers. explosions are HOT with these things. picking these up if you play games is extremely worth it IMO. i always hated using phones to play because i like the rumble of explosions. the beyers keep up with my sound system in my room that everyone else in the neighborhood hates so much. lets just say... BOOM.


and imaging of footsteps is pretty dang good, (though the imaging/soundstage seems kind of lacking in music, which is weird)


i also tested the beyers with the CMOYBB while i wrote this, and it seems to do the job well. i must have broken this thing in with my es7s... haha


also, if you listen to a lot of modern music with phat synthetic bass (think rap, heavy metal like veil of maya, or dubstep) the beyers are def. worth picking up as a fun phone.





you dont happen to live in socal do ya? i can let you have a listen. thats the only way to really know if you will like them. i, personally, dont use them for music much.

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