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haha well then maybe it's considered a full sized portable headphone, lol i duno.
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Nah.. the woodie headphones in the same series made by A-T all have their threads in the Portable Headphones forum.

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yeah, it's not fair, just because they put portable in the topic-title they are lost between the iems... grado's are just as portable.

zida: they've got good city noise blocking, but not good enough for public transport. and while they do benefit from an amp (with better/tighter bass for one), they sound just fine out of your pmp.
oh, and cables do feel cheap, but the connection with the cans seems ok. not so sure about the plug.
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thanks for your input, everyone.
I wish i knew of a store that carried them in Toronto so i could try them myself and not have to bother you all with relatively trivial questions, but alas.... :P
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It's a toss up between the ES7 and AT M50 for me - I'll probably be picking up some black ES7s by the end of the week I was actually looking at the ESW9 as well, but I figure the ES7 would suit me just fine. They look great, and from what I've been reading in this thread, I think I'll be more than satisfied with the SQ.
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just got my es7 last week and out of the box i swear i'm hearing a little "grattle". i don't know if it's just me or if i'm being too analytical. it's not during bass heavy songs. more like one of the mid-low frequencies makes a slight crinkle sound. anyone else have this problem?

other than that, i'm loving my es7's. to me, they're missing something that i just can't put my finger on, but they're great as my portables. i can't wait to try the e5 with them.
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I just ordered a pair of black ones a few days ago, can't wait to get them. They're the first pair of "quality" headphones I've ever bought and I'm just really excited to see the build quality and hear them.
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I have recently bought a pair of ES7 and currently it has 130 hours of pink noise on them. The mids have really smoothed out when compared to right out of the box. However, I find that in songs that have a lot of cymbals, the ES7 sounds congested in the highs, and it has less detail in the highs than what I expected, as people here rave about its "sparkling highs". My HD25-1 certainly handles the highs better, at least to me. Does it need more burn-in for the highs to clear up? Or the resolution of highs is just like that?
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Music that goes well

Hey guys, I am seriously considering purchasing the ES7 headphones. I want to first give a sample of my music taste:

Exile in Guyville, Liz Phair,
Rid of Me/Four Track Demos, PJ Harvey,
ENew Order,
Most Joy Division,
" Good Life" by Inner City,
Bad Brains,
The Clash,
The Ramones,
Afrika Bambataa,
David Lynch Soundtracks,
The Rapture,
Husker Du,
" Feel it Now" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club,
Bob Marley,
The Cranberries,
Kanye West,
the Mamas and the Papas,
The Shins,
Endtroducing by DJ Shadow

Do you think these headphones would go well with the kind of music I listen to. I don't ever listen to classical or jazz. Please let me know what you think. And keep in mind, I am only considering purchasing portable headphones.
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I've had my ES7's for a few weeks and I'm really enjoying them. A few notes:

-They don't isolate quite as much as I was hoping - on a plane, these are only slightly better than earbuds. At home and around town they isolate effectively enough, though. Also, there's very little leak since they are closed so your roommates will thank you.

-The thin cable is kind of scaring me. No problems yet, and they seem sturdy, but just pretty thin. Has anyone recabled these? I built my own ICs so I don't have a problem soldering these, but I'm wondering how to open them, and how to increase the diameter of the hole in the housing to house a larger diameter cable without screwing up the metal housing.

-They sound great without an amp, but I hooked mine up to a CmoyBB amp and things are definitely a bit clearer. The BB (bass boost) feature of the amp is useful since the ES7 could use a little more bass for some music.

Overall I like the sound signature of these little phones, but I do find them lacking in soundstage. But for the price and portability these are definitely some great cans. And they look good too!

Plea for advice: Has anyone recabled these?
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What do you guys think would be a great amp for the ES7's? I do NOT want my ipod to sound analytical and cold, I want neutrality with a SLIGHT favoring towards warmth. I also like my treble sparkling, but also do feel that the ES7's could use some more bass for non hip hop songs. I also want the mids to retain their sharpness. Thanks guys!
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Depends on how much you want to spend. The E5 sounds pretty good with the ES7s, and it has a bass boost that actually works pretty well for $25. You could also buy/build a CmoyBB (that's a cmoy modded with a bass boost circuit) for around $50-70. Then you get into the "real" (read: professionally built) amps that start at $150 or so and go up from there.
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Originally Posted by Juaquin View Post
Depends on how much you want to spend. The E5 sounds pretty good with the ES7s, and it has a bass boost that actually works pretty well for $25. You could also buy/build a CmoyBB (that's a cmoy modded with a bass boost circuit) for around $50-70. Then you get into the "real" (read: professionally built) amps that start at $150 or so and go up from there.
Yeah, I need both an amp AND a dac. And i can spend up to 300 dollars. And I love FUN sound, and prefer it to boring, analytical, cold sounding music.
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After doing some research and reading this thread, I'm really stoked about getting a pair of those in the near future.

Does this auction sound too good to be true? How do you tell fake products from real ones in the auctions?

AUDIO TECH NICA ATH-ES7 BK PORTABLE HEADPHONES - eBay (item 280299760784 end time Feb-04-09 02:38:00 PST)
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Seems fishy to me. Price, location and also the pics. Pics are not of actual product being sold and are most probably stolen from elsewhere. I'd stay away.

The info you seek is in post #1.
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