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Originally Posted by aphexii View Post
Has anyone done a blu-tak mod to these?
I believe Germania used a blue-tak modded ES7 in a comparative review she did a while ago:
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Anyone have had experience with both the ES-7 and the M40fs? because I have the M40fs right now and would like to hear a comparison between the two. There are just too many positive reviews on the ES-7, and i am tempted. =P
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What portable amp/dac has good synergy with these phones? Would the E3/E5 suffice or would something like the D3 make them sound substantially better?
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Yeah I just bought one ES7~~~
And I heard that a portable amp with little help for this headphones?
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I have a problem with my ATH-ES7s. What happened was the cord got tangled somehow on a drawer handle I tugged the cable pretty hard when I moved. After that only the right side worked and then a couple months later the right side started to only work if I moved the headphone jack around and then after that it just stopped working completely. Just recently I changed the headphone jack and I thought both sides would work againbut I found out that only right side works. I was wondering if ya'll can help me know what else can be wrong with my ath-es7s. Do you guys think I have to solder/fix the wire inside the left cup? If it is how do I open it up? or do you guys think the problem is the part where the cable splits into a "Y"?
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Hi all

I've had a pair of ATH-ES7's since june and I absoltuely love em, picked them up from a bic camera when I was in japan for 140,00 yen.

Only an hour ago though, the left speaker just went stone cold dead.

I walked into work using the headphones and they were working fine, then put them down on my desk, then picked them up about an hour later to use them again, and now the left speaker don't have an ounce of sound coming out of it.

I'm at a loss to explain what could have caused it, I have not yanked the cord strongly recently and it didnt have any knocks between when it was working and when it wasnt.

Help me out here guys, what do you think it could be? Just faulty wireing? Should i crack open the left speaker and have a look?

Thanks guys
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Hmm, maybe the last production lines doesn't get enough quality check, because of becoming massive production anyway. They sell them like hot dogs, so if some gets in trouble, they just change for the new one, only if you under warranty of course. Personally I would recommend to buy such one locally or within the area where you can get an warranty easier, cos they aren't that expensive.
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Its pretty easy to open up the ES7. Just yank the earpads off from one side, remove a couple of screws and you'll be able to resolder the drivers. If you're handy at DIY and soldering, the whole thing won't take more than 10 minutes.
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Has anyone cable modded their ES7?
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nope. kinda useless.
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i'm kind of too lazy to read through the 16 pages of this thread, and hoping someone wont mind helping me out..:

i'm looking into buying a pair of es7's, but would like to know a few things. first and foremost is isolation. i'm taking the toronto subway every day and need some cans with decent isolation. I don't necessarily need these to be earplugs, but would like them to do more than your standard headphones.
second, i saw some mention of pink noising these. i've never done that for any headphones before, so what exactly should i be doing?
third, i've never owned a headphone amp, would the es7's benefit greatly from a headphone amp?
and finally, durability. i used to have reaaaal problems with breaking my headphones (though i think it was always just the cables i broke, and have no soldering experience). how does the cable on these feel? im sure its not gonna be as thick and my grado sr-80's, but these dont feel cheap, do they?

if i get even half of those answered i think im pretty happy
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Hey Zida, heres my input:

es7s aren't actually that great when it comes to isolation, IMO. They don't leak noise out but they definitely let noise in. I've heard the HD25 is the best portable when it comes to noise isolation.

As for your pink noise questions, i have no experience with this, sorry.

The es7s have an impedance rating of 32 ohms which suggests that it can be driven quite easily. However i haven't experienced it with any other amp other than my cheap fiio e3, so maybe other more experienced members may have some input with this issue. IMO they run fine without an amp.

Ah the cables, there might be a problem here. The es7 cables are actually quite thin and may seem flimsy to some people. But i think they are actually quite durable and just as long as you don't viciously yank on it, it should be fine. I've had various times where i suddenly got up from my chair and the cables got caught on something and the headphone jack came out of my DAP, nonetheless, the headphones were fine.

Hope this helps a bit
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I realized something today.... ES7 is apparently not a portable headphone?
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I reckon they are, unless you consider portable to be IEMs and earbuds.

They are supaaural and fold flat. Whats not portable?
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The fact that they're in the "Headphones (full-size)" forum?
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