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Sanyo Electric Co has launched a prototype chip featuring Lake Technology's VZ chip design. The VZ design is a low power, low memory implementation of the Lake-developed Dolby Headphone process. Sanyo will manufacturethe chip under the five year licence agreement Lake Technology struck with Sanyo Electric Co Ltd in December 2000

Dolby Headphone allows the user to enjoy the full benefit of Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound over headphones. In this implementation, it will also deliver enhanced, spatialised, stereo from stereo source material.

Sanyo describes the product, the LC83200W, as a single large-scale integration (LSI) chip solution for Dolby Headphone applications. It is the first integrated 5-channel LSI in the world and has no external memory requirement. Sanyo state that sample shipments are to start this October, priced at 2,000 yen, building up to mass production at a projected rate 50,000 per month scheduled for mid year 2002.

Mr Hisao Ishii of Sanyo said the first products utilizing the Sanyo chip would enter the Japanse market in the first quarter of next year. "The LC83200W delivers three Dolby Headphone modes plus a stereo mix-down, while its ability to operate without external memory it ideal for a variety of consumer electronic applications, particularly portable devices" Mr Ishii said. "We are very pleased at the rapid development of this solution which was made possible as a result of close co-operation between Sanyo, Lake, and Lake's Japanse partner/representative, Timelord. We look forward to continuing to work with Lake on this and other DSP projects."

Lake CEO Chris Gilbey said the Sanyo VZ launch was great news for Lake on two fronts;
"In addition to the underpinning the migration of the Dolby Headphone technology into day to day consumer electronics, the company gets a double benefit from the rollout of the VZ chip technology via the dual revenue streams of the chip design royalty plus the Dolby Headphone licence income from Dolby for any device which uses the chip."

"Lake will generate VZ design licence revenues immediately from sales of Audio Visual equipment using this chip. We currently expect that to be in the first calender quarter of 2002.