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After much deliberation, I've finally decided to join the Denon AH-C700 bandwagon I said to myself why not spend more money (remember I was trying to justify if spending more $$ getting this Denon AH-C700 over the ATH-CK7) to get something I am looking for (ie. balanced sound and fun as they describe it). It is now on its way and I can't wait for it to get here. Now its time for me to experience what people are hearing with their quality canal phones and I hope it is up to the my expectation. This will be pretty high expectation after reading a lot about quality canal phones the last two weeks here. Remember also that this will be my first high quality, head-fi recommended canal phones. I normally don't bother to spend $$ to replace whatever earbuds that come with my cell phone or my portable audio player.

Actually I am also thinking to get the ATH-CK7 just for comparison purposes. I wonder if the sound signature is distinct enough to warrant having both at the same time (also to actually hear it for myself the sonic differences described here so that I know exactly what people mean when they described something). Or maybe the q-Jays, or the UE SF5, or Westone UM1, or ... (list can go on and on..) And to billybob_jcv, I already thinking of getting another one before I have my first head-fi recommended phones. Such an evil forum for my wallet

Thanks everyone for giving a lot of feedback. I will try to post my experience when I get it.

ps. To Zephyron, or anyone, what is OTG-amping? Will that make a big difference? By the way I am not going to do any amping for now because not enough $$ in my wallet
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A little update on this thread just to post my experience with the Denon AH-C700 for about 3 weeks. Note that this is the first time I spend money to buy phones as I usually used whatever that comes with the device. My current device is a laptop and Sony Ericsson w810i walkman phone. The w810i came with a canal phones.

This is my experience:
First day, I thought C700 sounded nice but I questioned myself if I have just wasted $$ on this because it doesn't sound much nicer than original canal phones from my w810i. Sound is quite similar but maybe a just a little bit better especially in the bass quality (the sony ericsson sounded more boomy, thus more muffled).

After a week of intermittent use, the C700 began to show its quality. Everything began sounded better. The bass is more controlled, I also hear better details everywhere.

My impression from using it everday until yesterday, WOW now things are much better, bass is well controlled, just enough to my liking, sometimes a little too much, but no problem. Vocals sounded very nice, very clear. And the highs are very detailed. I basically can hear more things than before. This is what I expect when I spend $$ for this quality phones (yes it is not much $$ in this forum, but I think it is not bad for a start).

Overall I am happy with the purchase. Thanks a lot! The only drawback now is I am looking for more Maybe another nice phones (either iem or headphone type, leaning more on the headphone because my iem is good for now, hmm the Denon d2000 looks like a good candidate ), a better source (dap such as sony w818 seems to be very good from what I read here, and dac or soundcard to improve my laptop setup, maybe emu 0404usb, or might as well go with pico amp wih dac option), and maybe amp if needed.
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I am glad you like the Denon AH-cC700 bostitch. They are a fanatstic step in the right direction. A stand alone DAP will defintily make them shine even more. I have the Sony NWZ-A818 paired with the Denon AH-C700 and it is a wonderfull protable rig.

Sony NWZ-A818

A DAC will also make your laptop sound much better.
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