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Thanks! You're right, it is certainly not a get rich quick (or slowly, even!) scheme. If anything, it will annoy my wife that I'd be spending more time off building things.


Depending on the cost of the parts, choice of plug would definitely be an option... the goal would be for each set to be as custom as whoever bought it would want it. Unless it's something really out there, the amount of work for different connectors and options of that nature is small, and I'm thinking the overall price difference (up or down) should be no more than equal to the difference in the cost of parts.


Yes, I agree. $100 is a good chunk of money to spend, but even in relationship of the price to the cans themselves, it's less in most cases than the popular replacements for the Sennheisers.

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I dunno it sounds pretty alrite to me.... it is custom work so you do get some sort of care and "special attention"< (finger quotes) to detail and such (its not like some guy on the conveyor belt strapping the tubing on the wires and such)... its something I haven't seen anyone else or company for that matter offer... but yeah to each thier own i guess,

how solid are the cables coming into the headphones? seems if i accidentally stepped on the cables with the headphones on it could rip off. othwerwise mucho pretty and mucho clean looking too!
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Thanks. The cables going into the earpieces are secured inside the shell in two ways. There is a small cable-tie clamp that circles the top of the cable immediately after entry into the shell before the outer insulation is stripped away. Then the individual pairs are wrapped around the existing support pins that held the factory cables.

I'm also still looking into a more robust strain relief. The cable is *very* durable, and the tubing helps, but I'd like to improve on it. Another option would be to see if I can find a small locking connector that is very high quality and durable. I think it would be a great option to retrofit the headphones with removable cables, for easy swapping, comparing between cable types, etc.

So far, I've found:


They're miniaturized XLR type connectors. I'm not sure they're quite small enough, though. There's also:


Neutrik has these:


I've still got to take a good look at the specs on all of them, and if it looks like any of them may work, order a few to see if they'll fit and how suitable they'd be.

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