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Ahh.. I have a hacked psp with custom firmware. I just got the FlacPlay Beta program. I have to OC to 333Mhz but it plays them no problem. Nice. It makes me a happy camper and my PSP sounds great with my amp.

My firmware is 3.52 M-33 2. It goes in the game folder. It is a 3.52 app.

I don't know but it might work without a hacked PSP since it is written for new firmware. You won't wont be able to OC it though.

I checked the XMB of 3.52 and it wont play WMA lossless witch is a disappointment. Damn near the same file size as flack but its a no go.

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Huzzah, good news! I just checked and though the file size is bigger, the PSP plays uncompressed wav files with no problem. You don't need hacked firmware. Just put it in PSP/MUSIC and your gtg.