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Jodi Vac

made for hearing aids that use the same single armature receivers as custom IEM's.
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yeah package livewires with the crystal stuff :P

im waiting on mine so excited!

triple driver livewires :O if these are coming (IFFFF) im so gna go beserk!
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You can't take them apart ? You might just want to clean your ears very well everyday. And give the company a call. I wouldn't stick a guitar wire in there thats for sure.
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Originally Posted by DMR View Post
Jodi Vac

made for hearing aids that use the same single armature receivers as custom IEM's.
That thing looks scary!! And expensive! I'm sure it works well though. Good find!

And welcome to Head-Fi, and sorry about your wallet!
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I must be the only guy on the internet with ear wax I cleaned 95% of it by carefully using a paper clip.

I might give that jodi vac gizmo a shot, but there's surprising little information out there on it. Think it's worth $70?
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Could you partially submerge the ear canal section in some earwax dissolving crap from the drug store so it would melt and come out? Also you will think im nuts but sometimes you can find these wax cones and you light the large end and hold the other end to your ear, don't ask me how but it draws the wax out. I saw it done to someone and it worked.
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We should all get together and start a Q-Tip fund for Ernie.
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Poor Ernie, he really threw himself to the wolves with that pic. I was gonna suggest a paper clip with a little peroxide on it, but looks like he beat me to the punch.
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Originally Posted by mrdeadfolx View Post
Poor Ernie, he really threw himself to the wolves with that pic.
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Kinda glad I didn't see that pic.  But since this seems to be longest thread on this topic, I thought I would share my method.

1. Buy CIEMs with a clear or transparent color (mine are dark "smoked" clear)  this way you can see if there is crud inside the tubes etc.


2. Preparation is key.  Clean your ears out thoroughly before using IEMs.  I used warm water with an ear blub sometimes. But more often than not I use and ear wax removal tool that I make from a paper clip by unbending it straight (except for the largest bend, which I use as a handle, and using the end of a pen to bend the other end around it to form a small loop.  That will pull a lot of wax out (gross, yeah I know but would you rather have it inside your expensive IEM or go after it before it gets in there?)  So I get as much out as I can with the paper clip loop.  Then when they seem clean as I can get them:


4. Dip the end of a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and gently wipe the inside of your ear canal.  (alcohol drys quickly and you don't want moisture inside your IEMs.


5. Inevitably you will not get your ears perfectly clean and there will be some wax on the outer face of the end of the part closest to your eardrum.  JH Audio makes a tool just for this. Gravity is your friend or enemy here, depending on how you hold your EIM while cleaning it, so be careful to point the holes in your EIM facing DOWN then use the brush end of the JH tool to get the brush crud off the face of the end of your IEM.


6. Sometimes a bit of wax will make it's way into the hole/tubes despite your best efforts.  (that will definitely happen if your brush the off the face if the EIM with the holes pointed up so that gravity will pull the crud down into the holes as you brush.  But with clear or transparent IEM's you can see the wax inside the sound tubes.  Usually it won't go too far inside and you can get it out with the wire loop at the other end of the JH cleaning tool.  But sometimes it'll go farther in than that loop on the tool can reach.  If you have several of those tools (which you should) cut one side of the loop and straighten the wire out and then make just a small bend right at the very end (some needle nose pliers are handy for this), just enough of a bend so you can twist and grab/pull the bits that make it farther up into the tube.  If they are WAY up then there beyond what that can reach, then put a slight bend at the end of a guitar string and go after it that way. 


If you have solid color EIMs, I am sorry for you because you cannot see what's inside them.  If you have clear or transparent colored plastic congratulations, you can see if your EIM's are clean.


But always start with your ears first!


Ok. that's my $0.02   Happy listening.   Got my JH16s in listening to Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile - Bass and Mandolin as we (I) speak (type).:)




I know it seems like common sense... But maybe helpful to those thinking of getting into the game.

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