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DTS 5.1 CD

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Hi, I was wondering if any of you knew anything about the prospects of the DTS 5.1 CD format. For those of you wondering its basically a CD which you need a DTS decoder to use, and which plays 5.1 sound. It hasn't gained a lot of attention in the press and I was wondering if any of you knew what kind of sound it produced, and wheather it has a bright future.
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I saw the CD that Diana Krall has in DTS 5.1 format the last time I was at Best Buy. I was thinking of trying it out but at $20 I decided not to. I also do most if not all of my music listening on headphones so why bother. Unless you have a good 5.1 speaker setup I think it would be a waste. I have the Energy Take 5 system which isn't the best system for music.
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Wow, this forum really doesn't see much action, does it?

Anyhow, I have a collection of Mozart music in DTS 5.1. It sounds great. It cost too much. I haven't run out looking for more DTS music, but then again if I noticed a DTS disc of music I like, I'd probably buy it.

Sorry I can't give any better advice than that. And sorry it took me so long to find this question...

Russ "The Peripatetic Audiophile"
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