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I got to spend time with both (though not at the same time). I tried the GS1000 with a number of amps and sources, ranging from CD to PC-based lossless; tube to solid state; and a couple of DACs.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not enjoy the GS1000. I felt bored each and everytime I put them on. As an aside, I had a few months earlier, heard the RS-1. I absolutely loved that type of sound but the discomfort was too much to bear. The GS1000 was the opposite - very comfortable and great for long-term use but the musical presentation was lacklustre, sterile, distant (YMMV).

I just recently got to try out the K1000. From everything I have read and heard, most people who discount its qualities usually do so due to using them with inferior sources and/or insufficient amplification. I got to try them with something pretty decent (a Jadis Orchestra Reference). I was amazed by its midrange liquidity, transparency, instrument separation and layering (soundstaging), and in particular, the bass depth and impact (which I had expected to fall well short).

Yes, for vocals and intimate music it is fantastic, but on classical music it is phenomenal. It's sheer transparency though, highlights how important it is to get good system synergy throughout the chain, otherwise you may hate the sound. I enjoyed the K1K/JOR although I found its mids and highs a little fatiguing after a while (almost too lively). I reckon a little more tube warmth, perhaps some treble sweetness, and it will hit the spot.

And, whilst the fact that the sound can so easily be changed (by everything from cables to tubes) can make it a fussy character to work with, but also means you can tweak it to a T for your ear.

Overall....the GS1000 made me want to sleep; the K1000 made me want to listen and listen and listen and listen get the picture