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Super speedy and reliable transaction. Sold him some headphones, got his MO in no time.
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I'd like to say that it has been a pleasure selling my DT831's to this gentleman. His money order arrived promptly. He also acted very graciously in a potentially awkward situation, after he discovered pre-existng damage on the phones which I had not known was there. He gets a 5-star rating in my book.
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I've done a bunch of buying, selling, and trading with this fellow and he's a good guy! I've always been very happy with our deals.
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What can I say, I must agree that Vert is one hell of a guy to buy from. I'm sure he's as good a buyer as he is a seller. Shipped very promptly, and packaged securely. Great pleasure doing business with him. He sure has my respect. Not that he didn't already prior to getting the package.
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Vert is a great guy to deal with! Traded some equipment with him and items received promptly and safely. Great communication as well!

Thanks Vert

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I just bought a Sugden Headmaster from Vertigo-1. Great communication, rapid shipping, perfect condition...what more can you ask? He's simply one of the best people to deal with I've met on the net.
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another great transaction with a fellow head-fier.

all my questions were answered, the email replies were fast and prompt, and the Sony Eggos are in immactulate condition. it seems as though they've never been touched.

really nice guy, super knowledgeable, helpful advice...i'd definitely buy from him again!
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Purchased JMT built CMOY. Fast shipping, excellent service, fair price.
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Great Buyer!

Sold some Grados to Vertigo-1 got the MO very quickly. Thanks!!
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Purchased some DT-831's from Vertigo. Came in original box, exactly as described. Great Head-Fi member to deal with.
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Got beautifully modded ksc-35's and mdr-v6 in perfect shape. Great pricing and good communication. Thanks Vert! I'll always be happy to take the stuff you don't want anymore!
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I just sold a pair of Grado headphones to Vertigo-1. His responses were extremely prompt, as was his m.o. I would not hesitate to conduct another transaction with him.
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Bought Cardas Neutral References from Vert's stash of ultra-exotic cables. Excellent condition, A+, yadda yadda.

Vert and I have exchanged gear in the past; he's so trustworthy I have no reservations about sending him my stuff, just a great guy.
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Bought some Grado's from Vert. Great service, attitude, and quite fast shipping.

I recommend him to anyone to buy/sell with, definitely would trade again!
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Bought a pair of Triangle Titus and RSC Prime Bi-wire speaker cables from Vert for my brother. 2nd transaction with him was just as good as the first. Highly recommended and would not hesitate to deal with again.
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