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Will you rebuy your movie/TV collection in HD?

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This is assuming that Blu-Ray Disc has won the format war. Which it seems it has.
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Yes, only because, I've hardly bought that many DVD's. So it's not a major concern for me. If I had a large library though, I think I would only rebuy favorites and/or ones I thought would stand to greatly benefit from HD treatment.
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no, but my opinion doesnt really matters.

i dont think the difference is worth it since lotr dvd look pretty darn good already upscaled on a 52". better off buy newer films in hd format and filmed/edit with the latest camera/technology. most of the re-hd stuff are generally popular titles, same goes with sacd. not all producing companies/artist can afford to do it. if it was everyone can be doing it, then sure.
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I'm probably just going to replace my most watched and most favorite DVD's in HD. Looking at all the combo units that still seat a DVD player next to a cassette player, I see no reason why companies won't release dual units that will play the HD format that wins and the DVDs that most people will probably be loathe to rebuy.
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There are very few movies that I watch regularly that would benefit from the HD treatment. HD is quite low on my list of priorities for a movie.
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Originally Posted by J-Pak View Post
This is assuming that Blu-Ray Disc has won the format war. Which it seems it has.
Why does that have anything to do with it?

I have the Matrix in HD-DVD.

HD disks are too damn expensive. Buying HD made me get Netflix. I will only buy movies I watch repeatedly now.

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Some titles maybe, but certainly not all of them...
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not me. replace your movies with blu-ray and then in a handful of years have to replace them again with "product x." i hate that type of business where they try and suck you dry over and over again. that's why my newest gaming system is the original playstation. and once they stopped making games for it, they no longer got my business. i'll stick with my dvds and when they stop making them i'll stop buying movies.
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I was doing it with HD-DVD. With BluRay, I'm not so sure. There's hardly a competent player that isn't the PS3. There's far too many MPEG2 titles, many of which are on BD25 discs. Not to mention mediocre special feature support, and a menu system equal to that of the old DVD standard, and I still can't warm up to BluRay.

So to answer the question, I was for HD-DVD, but I'm not yet ready to do so for BluRay. Maybe if they get their stand alone players straightened out I can consider it.
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I'll be rebuying less than 12 titles in HD (counting series like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings as one title). Netflix has just made owning a collection less important to me. Back in the early days of DVD Blockbuster didn't carry them and Netflix hadn't been invented yet.

And all of the TV I have on DVD was never HD to begin with, I doubt South Park will look any better with the top & bottom of the frame chopped to make it 16x9.

Of course I never bought Firefly because I was waiting for HD-DVD (which right now seems to have been supplanted by Blu).
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I can't see myself rebuying many titles in HD, exceptions for LoTR and a few others. However, I absolutely refuse to spend a single penny on anything HD until there is a firm winner (ie: somebody is going to have to throw in the towel) in this ridiculous "HD war". And if one is never established, that's fine by me, they just won't get my money. If the companies/industry groups responsible for creating/distributing content can't do what's best for the consumer by agreeing to a single standard, this consumer isn't going to take part in their petty little sand-kicking playground fight.
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Nope. The PS3 has surprised the hell out of me. It turned out to be a fantastic up converting DVD player when paired with the Toshiba LCD I have.

Like most here, there are only a hand full I would actually replace.
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No.Most DVDs look good enough for me anyway.
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No, my projector and tv's look good enough.
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The poll would need multiple answer possibility. It certainly is very costy to replace all the movies (over 200) with HD versions. DVDs have decent sound and after getting into these headphones and their lovely SQ I have more and more focused to listen to the movies. The amount of details, the superior atmosphere. Finally I could enjoy movies without buying a bigger TV (current's old 26" crt). I don't think HD movies provide that big enhancement on that area.
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