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BJC delivers - quickly! This is my second order from them and I am very happy with the product and service they provide, I recommend this MOT 100%. Thank you.
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BJC is one of the best vendors I've had the pleasure of dealing with. I've placed 3 orders with them so far and have been extremely pleased with their service and products.
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Bought LC-1s from them.

They processed my order at approximately 2 AM on a Sunday, scant minutes after ordering, and shipped it out a few hours later. It arrived very quickly, days later. The build quality of the cables is quite impressive.

Very well done there.

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how is the sound quality compared to a cheap cable like the monoprice Premium Rca Interconnects?

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Have ordered multiple items from BJC (interconnects and adapters).  Craftsmanship is top-notch and to my ears they sound as good as anything else I've heard.  Out the door is quite fast and delivery is quick since they are based in Washington.

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"Another satisfied customer here. Great service, great communication, fast shipping and - what's more important - GREAT QUALITY STUFF!

Would definitely buy again Blue Jeans cables.


Edit: even more highly recommended if they would have written a low value on the parcel, as I had specifically asked... ;-)"





I work at BJC. We cannot misrepresent the values of international shipments as it is fraudulent & strictly illegal to do so. It's not worth losing our business over.

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Best cable vendor in US, period. No BS, great quality and prices.

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