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Bought a pair of RCA interconnects.
Unbeatable quality/price, and superb building+shipping time.

Cables seems much more nicer seeing them in first person than via website's photos. Those are really really nice cables!!!! really high quality!

TOTALLY RECOMMENDED. Congratz for your work
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Me too!

Originally Posted by Akathisia View Post
I bought 20 feet of BJC 10 White speaker cable on Friday around midnight, and it arrived Monday (From WA to MO) bound in 2 reusable velcro cable ties. Absolutely phenomenal shipping speeds. Thanks BJC!
I also purchased 2 * 10 ft of speaker cable from BJC. My only diff is that it has to cross the border, but the shipment is really quick. And I also picked up a set of RCA to mini cables from them. Fast shipment and good looking products.

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For some reason, the website makes the cables look crappy in the looks department. They look much better in real life. I just recently got my order of a 3ft coaxial cable. Very pleased.

Shipping is crazy fast!

Bluejeans cable are just like bluejeans: no matter how rich you are, a pair always comes in handy.
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I bought a pair of xlr->rca cables for my dac 1. They were shipped super fast and look and sound great. Thanks a bunch!
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I've bought maybe a dozen cables from Blue Jeans. They've always shipped quickly, the orders have been correct and I've been pleased with the cables.
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I've bought a few cables from BJC over the years, very fast turnaround and a very high quality prduct!

Outside of used cables on the forums or a chance deal from eBay I typically only consider BJC as my cable vendor!!
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I've bought from BJC twice and was satisfied both times. Good stuff for a decent price shipped quick. They helped me on the phone a couple times too. Friendly guy.
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I have purchased various ICs - coax, mini to RCA, and RCA to RCA from Blue Jeans. I agree with the previous comments in this thread. ICs are well built and better looking and more solid than they appear in the pictures on Blue Jeans' web site. Super fast shipping. ICs were shipped the day after ordering. I received them in Ohio 2 days later - shipped from Seattle.
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I'm going to echo everyone else--my two orders from BJC have gone flawlessly. Great quality cables, fast shipping, and excellent prices.
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I've ordered twice from BJC, quality, price and service, all top-notch.
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I ordered a subwoofer cable and a RCA->BNC Coax cable from BJC. Shipping was incredibly fast, cable quality is second to none. Definitely my first stop when I need a cable, from now on.
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I ordered speaker cables and RCA interconnects from them. Very high quality, reasonable prices, fast order fulfillment and no snake oil. What's there not to like? They're my first choice for cables as well.
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I ordered an 18 foot RCA to BNC digital coax cable from them on a Sunday. I had it on Tuesday. Great service.
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BJCs has excellent customer service (and cables). I ordered a cable and the next day my brother ordered a cable. That day someone called me and asked if they could combine our orders in which I said, "of course." The next day our cables arrived and they refunded my shipping cost to my paypal account. How awesome is that?
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BJC has always provided TOP notch cables for my needs. I recommend them to everyone... sometimes even strangers in Best Buy paying WAY too much Monster Crap.

Keep up the GREAT work BJC! you have a lifelong customer here.
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