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Blue Jeans Cable feedback

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I've finally had a chance to do a small amount of business with Blue Jeans Cable while setting up a new computer-based listening area in my house. Living in Finland, perhaps this doesn't make a US-based cable manufacturer the most easy or practical choice, but I quickly discovered that the company is extremely responsive to e-mail requests for custom and international orders. I placed my first order with them for a pair of standard RCA interconnects, and received them very quickly afterwards at minimal shipping cost.

Starting this new headphone-based listening area up from scratch meant that I needed to find a suitable source, and going into the project I made the assumption that whatever source I ended up acquiring would use RCA outputs. As things turned out, however, I ended up buying an Apogee Duet, which uses a breakout cable with female TS connectors. So, I unfortunately had to trouble Blue Jeans Cable with a return/exchange of my RCA cables.

Alan at BJC was extremely courteous and helpful throughout the process of exchanging e-mails regarding connector options, shipping, and payment details. I placed a new order for RCA-to-TRS cables, and went ahead with the payment. I then realized after a bit more study that I should have specified TS as opposed to TRS solder-on connectors to hook up to the Duet, and again had to contact Alan to ask about modifying my order.

To wrap this post up, let me just say that Blue Jeans Cable is a vendor that really cares about getting orders right, and especially about seeing to it that customers are satisfied with their orders, even in cases like mine where both the exchange and the last-minute modification of the replacement order were my own fault. My new cables are set to ship out today, and the Duet is also on its way, so I am looking forward to a nice new listening experience. Thank you Alan and Blue Jeans Cable!
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I bought an optical digital cable from BJC. I first read about them years ago when looking for a 5.1 rca set. I liked the degree of customization as well as the easy to use and understand web pages. After placing my order, I got a confirmation e-mail, something I have never seen before. As an added degree of protecting myself from myself, this was an e-mail detailing my order so I could review it before finalizing it. I received a response almost immediately after placing my order that the cables had shipped, and this was the day after Christmas. The cable arrived well packaged with a velcro cable tie. A well made cable that works well. Great service and fast shipping. What more could I ask for?
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I bought a pair of their RCA interconnects second-hand from someone else here on head-fi. Really nice cables, can't thank them enough.
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I bought 20 feet of BJC 10 White speaker cable on Friday around midnight, and it arrived Monday (From WA to MO) bound in 2 reusable velcro cable ties. Absolutely phenomenal shipping speeds. Thanks BJC!
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I have purchase most of my interconnects from BJC ($200-$300 worth) over the past few months. I doubt I will ever buy from anyone else.
Quality products, excellent service.
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I purchased several new cables from them. I cannot stress how great they are as a company.
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just got a pair of RCA to RCA from them direct

great cables. good service. no problems!
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Add me to the family of satisfied customers...that is all I use home...shipping is superfast, no bell and whistles though, just a plain Priority mail box, but very straight forward manufacture, and good sounding cables...
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Originally Posted by Sovkiller View Post
Add me to the family of satisfied customers...that is all I use home...shipping is superfast, no bell and whistles though, just a plain Priority mail box, but very straight forward manufacture, and good sounding cables...
Just got my cables in, really quick shipping. Took apart the XLR connectors to take a look at the soldering job, and that was well done. Perfectly happy with my new cables.
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Bought RCA interconnects, coaxial digital cable and some right angle RCA adapters. All of them were delivered extremely quickly. Very good experience.
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Thumbs up for Blue Jeans Cables!

Another satisfied customer here. Great service, great communication, fast shipping and - what's more important - GREAT QUALITY STUFF!

Would definitely buy again Blue Jeans cables.


Edit: even more highly recommended if they would have written a low value on the parcel, as I had specifically asked... ;-)
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Blue Jeans Cables is a magnificent company, their customer service, shipping speed, responsiveness, quality of product, and pricing are unsurpassed as far as I'm concerned. I must have purchased at least 7 cables from them(rca to rca/digital/optical/rf coaxial/adapters). I highly recommend them and I'll be buying more soon. We are truly lucky to have them available to us.
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I think I've bought over 10 different cables from BJC already. Always top notch service and prices and the cable quality is awesome for the price.
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had good experience as well with BJC. good build. quick ship.
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smashing company to buy from, quick overseas postage to me always and quality no nonsense cables, and accessories, i buy quite a few adaptors from them and are always top quality

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