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I traded a pair of Klipsch X5 for his Shure 530s. Communication was flawless throughout the whole process and he was very understanding of the extra delay time he had to go through due to my mistake.

I would definitely deal with him again without any hesitation.
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Bought a MisterX Pimeta amp from Steve. Great guy to deal with, even let me audition some of his other cans just for my curiousity, and gave me a great price for local pickup.
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happy to sell Steve my Senn cable. very smooth transaction. thanks!
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I bought a modded pair of Denons from Steve. He even sent me an adapter to solve my 1/4" plug woes

Steve is truly awesome, professional and polite!
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I sold Steve my m3/sigma11 several days ago. He was polite, paid promptly, and overall was a complete pleasure to deal with.

I would deal with Steve again without hesitation.
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I bought a 48" SCSCag whiplash replacement cable from him. Communication was great. He is an open-minded person listening for your problem. He shipped fast with well-packaging. Getting a lot of pleasure did the business with him. Highly recommend.
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Sold Steve a pair of headphones. He knows what he wants, communicates clearly, politely, & frequently, and pays quickly. Perfectly smooth transaction. What more could a seller ask?
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Pick up the Pico Slim from Steve locally, Steve was very friendly and the amp itself was simply beautiful. Transaction was pleasant and easy.

Thank you so much! 

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Steve bought my Denon D7000's from me and was great to deal with. No back and fourth games. I named my price and he paid promptly. I sent them out the next day. Great to deal with. I would definately do business with him again!

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Steve is such a great guy to deal with no problems whatsoever and very fast shipping thanks!



Thanks!!! highly recommended 

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