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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
There are NO known virus for Mac OS X!
I don't care about the reason behind that lack of virus (obscurity or because of OS security). I just care about the fact that there are no need to run antivirus software on Mac OS X.

The antivirus applications available for Mac OS X only check for Win32 viruses afaik, and only makes sense in a mixed Mac OS X and MS Windows environment.

Yes, there are known viruses for Mac OS X. And as Macs popularity continues to soar, there's going to be some major security breaches in the future.

As stated above, OS X's security is because of its obscurity.
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Why always never a single mention of Sophos in these type of threads? I thought it was known to be the best?
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Oh no... Did I just start a Mac-PC war? (I don't like Macs and their evangelists, sorry. I live with one and it makes me "want to punch little children while they are playing hopscotch" everytime he tells me get a Mac which is on a weekly basis)
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Originally Posted by OverlordXenu View Post
Linux has next to no viruses also. Are you telling me that if you were running a large, enterprise-level business-wide server on either OS X or Linux that faced the internet (not necessarily a web server), you would not run an AV utility?
Most companies do exactly this. A lot of people I know who are very well respected in the field do exactly this.

AFAIK, there is only 1 linux antivirus product (discounting things like tripwire that will catch viruses but are not actually an anti-virus product), and it is crap. All the other linux "antivirus" suites exist to scan windows shares that exist on the linux server for windows viruses, not to protect the actual server itself.
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A bit more on linux anti-virus. There is a reason all the "true" linux antivirus products blow, and it's fundamental.

Without providing too much justification, I am going to assert that any *nix virus is going to be almost indistinguishable from a malicious user. As an incomplete example, in general, the first step of both is going to be exactly the same -- escalate privileges. Another fundamental point is that in all but the most stripped system, there isn't a single tool that a malicious user is going to have to import to to the exact same damage a virus would do.

Worms make the argument harder, but I believe it still holds.

One huge part of *nix security is IDSes. Because of the nature of linux viruses, any good IDS should also be able to trap viruses. As a result, a "linux antivirus" system is at best redundant. The IDS should be able to flag that something is going on. If that "something" happens to be a virus, yippie.
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My two cents. Kaspersky is best at detection, and can clean inside of archives, something that nod32 doesn't do. Nod 32 I would say overall best out of all, especially since it has such a small memory footprint, the reason I use it on my laptop. However for flat out best virus cleaning/detection I would have to go with kaspersky.
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i've used symantec corporate edition as well... huge memory hog... and lets you know that you have a virus/trojan AFTER you have contracted it. it doesn't proactively prevent it from getting onto your computer.

that being said... i like nod32... and i configure it using Extra settings for Nod32 v2.7 - revised 22-12-2006 - Wilders Security Forums

i click random suspicious links... nod32 has prevented anything bad from getting on my computer. woot!
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Recently started using the free version of AVG at work. Works great so far, was able to detect all potential threats on my pc.
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Kaspersky is great
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Originally Posted by owkia View Post
I just tried and had no problems with it. If you're still having problems, what errors are you getting?
Now it seems up to date? Not sure, it just keeps saying "update unsuccessful." even when I try to do it manually. Sorry for the late reply.
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I currently use AVG on my 2 laptops and 1 desktop. I do plan on getting my Norton upgraded (expired 2 months ago) once I get the $ to put it on all of them.
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Originally Posted by Austin 3:16 View Post
I currently use AVG on my 2 laptops and 1 desktop. I do plan on getting my Norton upgraded (expired 2 months ago) once I get the $ to put it on all of them.
Unless that is Norton Corporate, just forget about it.
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zonelabs (antivirus, antispyware, program control, firewall) all in one

i particularly like program control
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I stopped using antivirus,antispyware and firewall 3 years ago.
If u got some experience and common sense with computers it's very hard to get a virus.
I got like 3 times virus and that was mainly cause of my curiosity.
A simple look in task manager is enough for many to know if there is any suspicious program.
And lastly if u get a virus u can remove it manually since this is the case many times with antiviruses as well (they can't always remove them automatically).
Why i do that? To not waste my system resources. Also firewall most of the times causes more problems than it solves.
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i shut it all down when playing new games, otherwise the laptop doesnt have any speed problems,

id rather just be safe
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