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Hello all,

New here, and new the headphone world. Have a rediculous amount of time and money invested in a standard two channel rig, and will be toying around in headphone land to initially satisfy late night listening without completely annoying my significant other at odd hours with my normal listening levels, and down the road probably putting something portable together as wlel.

Have done plenty of reading, and am doing some on-a-whim headphone related purchases, but just realized that one of may many extra, sidelined components has a headphone out.

That component is a Myryad MI-120 Integrated.

The manual is online (, but doesn't provide anything more than mentioning that it will accept standard 1/4"/6mm jacks, that all types of headphones of any impedance may be used (w/exception of electrostats that need an adapter), that insertion of a plug into the socket automatically disconnects the loudspeakers, and that the heaphone output is not muted when switching in and out of STANDBY mode, and that its recommended that headphones are unplugged from the amplifier before switching to this mode.

Specifications are here:

Essentially I'd love to hear any details about it. Understandably, as a integrated, it very well may be an afterthought feature.

A search of the web as well as Head-Fi turned up nothing regarding its headphone output at all, so I doubt I'll get a response here, but figured it was worth a shot. I do have an inquiry into Myryad from this past week, but have yet to hear back.

I could potentially provide pictures of the internals if someone out there could make heads or tails of them, but I'm 100x more a listener than someone who understands electronics.

Any help or assistance greatly appreciated. Hopefully sometime soon I'll be able to try it for the heck of it in comparison to other amplification, from portables to other integrateds to dedicated headphone amplifiers at least for general curiosity.