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Sold my UM3X to Aaron. Easy transaction with good communication. Thanks!
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Bought a Carat-Peridot Hi-Fi USB Audio DAC off of him. Great transaction with very good communication. Highly recommended. Thanks again aamefford.
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sold him some pk3s, paid instantly. Awesome ( nothing makes me happier than inquiry/interest to payment received all in less than 5 minutes ) A+
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bought new westone es black cable from aaron.super fast shipping! great deal! all around great guy!!!! big alohas!!!!!!!! mahalo aaron
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Sold him a pair of PK3s, incredibly fast payment, very smooth and easy, overall awesome guy.
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Sold my DACMAGIC to Aaron and the payment was immediate and communication was excellent. Would do business with him again at any time. He's a good Head-Fier.
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Purchased a pair of UM3Xs from the man. Arrived in better-than-expected shape. Great guy to deal with!
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Bought a pair of Denon AH-D5000s from Aaron. They were shipped fast and the condition is flawless. Thanks for the awesome deal!
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I bought a v-dac from aaron. He shipped it immediately upon my payment and it arrived super fast. It was packed extremely securely and arrived in excellent condition. A pleasure to to business with.
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Aaron purchased some buds from me. Payment was extremely prompt and even though the shipping had a SLIGHT delay he was very understanding.

Hope the 3's make your day,
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Bought a D7000 from Aaron,

This transaction was one of the highest amount transactions I've ever done on head-fi so far ($635). Everything was done in a prompt and respectable manner. This guy has a genuine love for all his headphones and if you doubt me then look at his photographs. The only thing I could say that could be a negative is I found the headphones for $60 cheaper the day I received them from him. Lol that's definitely not a knock on his service at all but at least I got them sooner from him than waiting a week more.

I would definitely buy from Aaron again and you should too.

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Aaron picked up an audio rack and speaker stands from me.  Quick and easy sale, thanks!

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I bought a pair of IEMs from Aamefford. Honest seller! I had a small problem but he was quick to respond and was more than willing to work with me on a solution. Highly recommended, thanks again Aaron!

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I bought a ipod and lod from aamefford. He was very helpful during the whole transaction. I had a number of questions about the product and he was very thorough with each one of his answer and very honest so I would know exactly was I was getting even without actually seeing the product. I would highly recommend aamefford and would gladly do business with him again.

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Bought an inexpensive diyMod LOD to RCA cable from Aaron, and successfully chopped it up into a short LOD to mini cable-- which I am delighted to have, as I can travel with my diyMod now. But for the transaction facts-- nice price, swift shipping-- no problems. Thanks!

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