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3 years and counting and still never seen my cables. I did the whole Florida Att Gen bit and filled in the paperwork and they followed up. They supplied copies of correspondence where they wrote to him to ask him to sort out my dispute with him by refund or by supplying the cables. Said he failed to respond and I should therefore start small claims to sue him. Bit hard from Australia! He hasnt changed, still a crook, otherwise he would be honoring all the past customers whom he never supplied cables but took our money. I saw the posting in earlier pages on this thread where he bleated about how he had no power etc ... BS he still kept his website up and running. And now I have just been retrenched and could myself really do with that $370 which BV stole from me.

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As seems fairly typical, my experience is a mixed one. I ordered a fire-wire cable, and got offered a '30% off if you buy at the same time' deal which I took up to also buy some balanced interconnects. During the process I added another 10cm to the fire-wire cable, and got sent an additional Paypal invoice and paid a reasonable additional price - no troubles so far.


The cables arrived in Australia reasonably promptly, along with a scattering of Christian literature. The XLR-XLR balanced cable worked fine - not quite the quality of the Gryphon cable that I was comparing it to, but at 1/3 the price good value I thought. However, the connectors on the fire-wire cable were the 'wrong' way around  - a random thing and I should've thought to specify that. However, since I had ordered almost exactly the short length I needed, there was no way to fit the cable without twisting the cable through 180 length-wise. The long and short of it is that by the time I moved the equipment so the cable could connect without twisting (involved turning my DAC upside down) the cable definitely didn't work. What wasn't clear is whether it never worked, or my attempts to connect it (albeit gently) had broken the cable.


So I sent the cable back to Brad, explaining that, and asking him to look into the problem, flip one of the connectors, check that it worked, and then get back to me so we could work out what to do. I made it quite clear that I would accept additional costs for repair and resending if he advised me that I had broken the cable.


This is where everything started going wrong. Endless delays, endless excuses, endless promises. Finally, after six months, I told him I was considering going to the Florida Department of  Agriculture & Consumer Services. At this point I got a prompt and lengthy email reply, which I include at the end of this post.


But, cold-hearted b...d that I must be, I continued with my complaint. After a bit of to-and-froing with the FDACS, today I got a letter telling me that they attempted to mediate my complaint, but '...the business has refused to cooperate, and we are unable to assist you further.'


So now I have to decide whether it's possible to continue or cut my losses - my call of course.


My conclusion? If you're lucky enough to get what you ordered, the cables seem quite well-made, quite good quality, and probably value for money. But if anything goes wrong at any stage in the process, wave goodbye to your money. Perhaps this is overly suspicious on my part, but is it a coincidence that service was terrific while it was still possible to complain to PayPal, but disappeared as soon as that date passed?




I am sorry it has come to this too.  Now let me give you the explanation you must have and deserve.  Being a business man, you know there is a real and true reason why your order has not been completed by now.  


So I want to give you the reason, without excuse, for the huge delays - an awful illness in our family.  My father has cancer.  He is the patriarch of our large and very close knit family.  We have been through a lot since you placed your order.


He had 1/3 of his right lung removed, then another spot from the left lung near his heart.  He has a tumor on the outside of his right kidney, one on the outside of his bladder, one on a gland on the left side if his throat below his ear, and another one in the left groin area. Nothing showed up on the liver, but they are checking his pancreas further to be sure no cancer is there. The meds they started out prescribing him were supposed to prevent blood flow to the cancer - oral chemotherapy. Side effects are high blood pressure and nosebleeds, and he already gets nosebleeds.  He went through his first rounds of intravenous chemo.  He had one a week for 6 weeks; with them checking his blood before each treatment.  After the 6 weeks they did a P-T scan again to see how the treatments are affecting the tumors.  However, he went for an MRI of his head.  As he does, he joked and said they want to see if there's anything there.  He has been complaining of headaches.  Dad has 3 spots on his brain.  He went to a consultation and planning appointment with his radiation doctor. Then he had blood work and a follow-up with his oncologist. Then we went back to the radiation center for him to be fitted for a mask that he wears during his treatments. They halted his chemotherapy while they are performing the radiation therapy.  As I mentioned his treatments are one every day for two weeks. On Wednesday (Sept 18th) he goes to the oncologist for more blood work, to determine how effective the radiation therapy has been, and if every thing looks good, they hope to start him back on chemotherapy on the 19th.  He remains in good spirits through it all, although going into this radiation therapy I have seen him more emotional than I have ever seen him.  He is so thankful his family is around him.  And we are thankful to be here for him.  All along he is fighting pneumonia.  He is in good spirits, but that's how he is. He doesn't want anybody worrying about him.  He's tolerating it well, and so now this allows me to finally complete your order.


I wanted to explain all this because, first of all, as much as we try to separate our personal lives from our professional lives, it is inevitable that one affects the another.


I want you to know that this is an unusual and untypical circumstance that does not represent how any future orders will go.  This is a passing situation.  Any following orders will be processed and shipped in a prompt and timely manner.


So in closing I want to thank you for your immense patience, and I am very grateful for your kind understanding.  


I also want to beg your forgiveness for me not explaining this to you before now.


Best regards to you and yours,




P.S. - if you can find it in your heart, and if there is a way, I wish you could withdraw the formal legal complains you have registered

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I recently bought theRevelation Prophesy usb cable ,it not only came within a week ,but after letting play24-7 for a week easilly beat my award winning
Wireworld 7 Platinum usb cable naturalness,and realism better in everyway,Shocked absolutely,since then I have a Auraliti Digital player
With their new Linear power supply ,the power supply umbilical cord stinks, I know brad builds nice ones for Emperical audio ,so I asked within two weeks
In my system Superb build $200 seems like a lot But alllows the whole digital to open up better dynamics,imaging and soundstage.whatever was Revelations problems
In the past are just that.running smoothly and great products that beat even the Big name guys.
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Nine months ago I purchased a pair of silver XLR cables from Brad. I paid promptly, and after a few weeks of delay, Brad told me that his father was dead. I tried to be as understanding as possible, but more weeks passed. He kept promising me that he'd have sent me the cables "within the next week", for multiple times. Unfortunately, after a few weeks more, he stopped answering completely. He never refunded me, he never turned back to me, up to this day. It's now nine months for what should have been done a hassle free purchase. I feel cheated (I should use a stronger word).

This was my second purchase from him. The first one (the usb cable) involved a very long delay but it eventually got to me, which is what lead me trusting him a bit more for a second transaction.

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Hello to head-fiers! Think i became a victim of RAL' business "habit" of full ignore... I had imprudance to take an order for headphone cable with 100% advance payment, besides i've sent to him my expensive connectors (Xhadow XLR & Furutech 4pin mini-xlr) in hope to get an "ultimate" cable for my Audeze. Just ponder that this story started in may(!) 2014. All that time i've heard only promises from Vojtech and when i insist for ANY photos proving his work of my cable two weeks ago(from the end of september) i see full silence from this great businessman.

Please tell how can i influence to this situation and help to understand who are they(RAL): simply swindlers or bad company?

Thanks to all for any help! 

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I had recently ordered a Parable cable which i received a couple of days back. It's much much better than my stock cable and looks really good too. It's a really high quality cable.

He was very forthcoming about any queries and would respond quickly to any of my queries, sometimes almost immediately. To put that in context, i live in India while he's based out of California. Very different timezones. He was always very polite and professional in his communications.


@urez: How did you order a headphone cable from Brad? His website has no mention of headphone cable anywhere. All i can see are links for Power, Digital, Interconnect, Analog and Loudspeaker cables.

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You think different timezones are really reasons of Brad's ignoring from 26 of september? Imeediately quaries?- dear friend, may be you ask him why he didn't talking with another customers?

Yes, there are no headphones cables on website(but you can see them in the discussions of "sale and trade" topics), asked about it in email. Waiting from the end of the april tired me, i decided to sale my lcd-3 couple of months ago because of ral's cable waiting and i don't trust any promises from him(25.09.2014 he said that my cable was on a cooker machine!!!- i was so delighted) so at last asked to make a photo of my cable with my connectors. Answer:

"I will borrow such a camera and will indeed send you photos (as I do not personality own such a camera - our photos are done by our web designer).  Thank you.


It's was a joke i think, such an interesting man, don't you see? From 26 of september his looking for a rare Lieca(or may be a professional Hasselblad) to make a few pictures for a customer all over Florida- feel the service level)) Of course a asked him(several times) simple(even phone) pictures that's will sitisfy me and hear only silence. Don't you know why?- i think because there is no any cable sa well as my money and my connectors.

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To ALL who want to get their money back from RAL and Brad Vojtech! 

PayPal accepted my quote about cheating of this shop, they opened a case and close it at the same time because of 45 days missing(it was obvious) to make an account history record...BUT

they said if there will be the same requests from another users they will open the investigation in a private order and unite them. Don't miss chance to get your money!

Thank you.

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I just saw my post where I say that I gave Brad (Revelation Audio) my money 2 months prior and did not get the product. Well I finally did get the product. In fact, I have received every product I ordered from Brad. I have bought several items because Brad makes good cables. I recommended him to a very good friend of mine who has had no problems with Brad.
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So you think 6 is not an abnormal? - standart of RAL's dealing, ignoring people is ok too. So may be you ask him where is my cable if you were not been afraid to recommend this manufacture to your friends?

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After one year, last month ago Brad replied to me and he told me that my cables were ready. They should have been shipped the same weekend. He also apologized with me becasue of two deaths in his family in the last year, which apparently prevented him to make my cables (... why didn't he just refund me?)

After that, he just disappeared again. On 24 October he sent me a USPS tracking number, but it's just pre-shipment information.

Since the 25 October, the usps number says:

"The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified on October 25, 2014 to expect this package for mailing. This message does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Please be advised tracking is not available for this product. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later."



It's been like that since then. Brad stopped answering to my emails again.

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Ha ha! the same stupid trap with preshipment number! So amazing to see it, that he is doing it so easy and simple, and nothing can be done to stop it because it is an ingenious way to con people while US local legal bodies don't give a crap about it. This coward did exactly the same with my order, just sent me a fake preshipment number and disappeared after I had warned him about paypal dispute. I can't believe that purchase from RAL turned in to a permanent financial loss, inasmuch as U haven't received it a year later. Now I'm frustrated more, I'll have to wait a second half of a year more and most likely, it won't come anyway.

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Originally Posted by GTinOZ View Post


P.S. - if you can find it in your heart, and if there is a way, I wish you could withdraw the formal legal complains you have registered


Once people get their ******* cables, formal complaints will be withdrawn. Until then... nope. 

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It's now one year and 4 months and I haven't received my XLR. Brad keeps ignoring my emails.

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Originally Posted by antonyfirst View Post

It's now one year and 4 months and I haven't received my XLR. Brad keeps ignoring my emails.

Same thing, you can see that he is living very nice, keep ignoring ones, get money and replies with another new customers on Audiogon.

You can leave comment in his cable's url as i did, for example...


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