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Wanted OPA134

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Anyone have OPA134s that they can sell me? My cousin was supposed to send them to me from poland(started building my amp there). But he seems MIA now that I'm here in the US. Please, anyone have any extras(2)?
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Buy them from digikey or something. Manufacture is in US. You should be able to find them very very easily.
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If you can't get them after a week or so.PM me your address and I may be able to hook you up,no charge
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sent you a pm, rick. Your box if full.

If I order em from digikey, it'll be like 20 billion dollars. Shipping, AND handleing. (sp???).
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I'd recommend using the dual opamp 2134 which is actually easier to build. Less wire congestion on the board. Burr Brown stated that this part is just as good without any crosstalk.
I built mine this way at first because of a difficulty finding the chips. TI only allowed me one chip per number as a sample.
The 2134 costs less because you don't need two.
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Thing is, my amp is already built. It's just waiting for the opa134s.
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send me the address and will get them out,sorry 'bout the PM box,been busy and have not touched bass here in a coupla' days
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did you get my email?
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Yes,will get the ops out by the weekend
Rick has been a busy busy boy lately and have not had much time to dig into my stash.

EDIT-found the little suckers,probably get them out on saturday-stay loose
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Rick? You there?

Oh wait, you said you found em. Yayyy!
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dont forget to post pics
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in the mail.Where I live there is like a two day delay of the mail,local PO to main then on the way.Should be there soon dude.

BTW-my wife was telling me something about mail being re-routed to a few post offices that have some kind of equipment to radiate the mail or somesuch thing for the purpose of killing any bio hazards such as anthrax.Any one hear anything about this ?
According to her it will delay mail by five days,a real bitch.But what I really worry about is -
What is the effect if any on chips being mailed ? I do not need to either send or receive fried chips .
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The chips should be fine

My Geforce vid card went through it hehe.
The cpu err GPU on onboard is more jamm packed inside so I think the opamp should be fine. Im 99.9997% sure as my comp locks up every now and then or might be 98se.
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Pics will be posted asap!
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