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Push-A-Lone (or just Push) - Universal Nation '99 (ferry corsten remix) -> 2:34 or 3:56 depending on version but you need to listen to a cd-quality version (there's one decent quality version on youtube but still not very good :/)
the prodigy - poison
Calyx - Follow The Leader
benga - diary of an afro warrior (most of this album)
Spor - Knock You Down
The Qemists - Stompbox (Spor remix) -> 0:44 o.o
State of Mind - Sun King (not the deepest bass but still good nonetheless)
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Originally Posted by ueyteuor View Post
kelis - milkshake

scrambles my brain
LOL. really now?
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Metallica - Orion.
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Stravinsky's The Firebird, Zinman/Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Telarc CD-80270. This recording has some massive bass slam when things pick up.
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Not subtle at all.

TV on the Radio's "Bomb Yourself"

I bought Erykah Badu's debut R+ B album, "Baduism" yesterday. From what I heard, the bass is positively obese on this album.

I used to really enjoy bassist Stanley Clarke's "Journey to love"
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My fvourite ones

Black Sabbath - N.I.B., the bass solo intro is spectacular
Yes - Roundabout
Rush - YYZ
Dire Straits - Sultans of swing
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Massive Attack - Angle / One Love / Five Man Army
Dire Straits - Six Blade Knife
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My Morning Jacket - "Highly Suspicious"
from the album Evil Urges.
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Killing In The Name-Rage Against The Machine
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I love Burton's lines on Battery. I especially love it when, near the start, the guitars play a couple of sustained powerchords, and underneath you can still hear Burton plugging away at this epic bassline.

Also love the end of Learning to Live, by Dream Theater. All the instruments and vocals fade out, like the song's ending, and then Myung picks up a simple but beautiful bassline. He's got about 3 bars to himself, and then Portnoy leads all the other instruments back in and they give the song and the album a rousing finish.
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The Band: The Who
The Song: The Real Me
The Bassist: John Entwistle
The Moment: The opening bass riff (and pretty much the whole song)

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Black Eyed Peas - They Don't Want Music

pretty killer bass in that song!
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John Coltrane - bass solo at the end of Part 3 - Pursuance from A Love Supreme
not exactly 'impressive'/deep bass like most here (Massive Attack, etc.), but I just love the sound of upright bass and this solo is incredible.
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Jah Wobble Live. Tuning up was enough to make the room shake, but when he asked the desk to turn the bass up, my insides started to liquify.

Awesome thread, by the way. Those tracks I already have will be in a playlist later tonight. Those I don't have will be added shortly.

But, while we're at it....
+1 for Massive Attack's Mezzanine and Leftfield's Leftism.

Please add
Norman Watt-Roy's bassline in Hit me with your Rythmn Stick,
Mark King's solo in Mr Pink
Bernard Edwards for Le Freak
THE bass solo in My Generation (for sentimental reasons)
The Grid - Doppleganger
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I'd have to add to all the above suggestions: The prodigy - Diesel power. Lots of bass!
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