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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
"Angel" - Massive Attack for me... ^_^
Ohh god, I forgot about that one. Very few setups I've heard can handle that song properly. You should check out Aegisopolis by Aphex Twin, a little less challenging (not much mids & highs) but even bassier.
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I know I'm a bass head because I have about half of these tracks and can't keep myself away from the bass contour on the amp.
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I get so lonely (remix) - Janet Jackson featuring Blackstreet

The first one is crazy!
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I enjoy the huuuuuge reverbing bass on No Luck Club's song "Better Times Will Come" when it comes to "bass thump"... but as a bass player, some of my favourite moments include Jaco Pastorius' "Portrait of Tracy" (just one of those songs that EVERYONE should hear)... also, the bass solo on the live version of John Butler Trio's "Betterman" is just incredible.
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prodigy - breathe
that was on my discman

then M.I.A.'s Bucky Done Gun when I just put in my dual 12" kickers in my prius
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I was just listening to Underworld-Dirty Epic and I could feel the vibrations through my body.

I used to find that if you turn it loud Sublime- Waiting for My Ruca is alright, but it hasn't sounded as good lately.

I agree with the stuff by massive attack
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for me was when i heard the original version of Round Here. it was originally by the Himalayans a band that adam duritz was in before counting crows. a bass guitar is used instead of an electric. FAB! for some reason the band didnt really make it because it wasnt acoustic enough... *blank look on face*
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Hey You by Pink floyd off the wall live
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omfg. when the drums enter on elliot smith's king's crossing! my eyes are watering
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kelis - milkshake

scrambles my brain
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The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over (XRCD version) - Hotel California (live)

After the acoustic guitar intro (around 30 secs) the Bass Drum kicks that follow are astounding. They have such definition and depth its hard to fathom. I have yet to find a "bass moment" I enjoy more.
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Stone Roses Fool's Gold
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The Beginning by Moving Fusion
The Nine by Bad Company,

2 of the best drum and bass tunes ever
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The opening bass line to Cryptopsy's Phobophile.
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Not the loudest bass ever. Just GOOD bass, here there, everywhere.
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