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Without a doubt, it has to be "Robbin' Spree" from an underground gangsta rap outfit called Click Clack. The bass in this song is unreal. I have like 8,000 songs on my ipod, and this one strongly stands out as the bassiest of all.
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Gravitate to Me by The The, earthshaking bass line when it kicks in. One of my fav songs to this day.
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"Strange Brew" - Disraeli Gears, Cream

Right at the 1:24 mark...

This bass line isn't anything funky like something Flea would play. It isn't anything driving and dominant like Les Claypool.

For some reason, the line just gets me INTO the song, ya know what I mean? I just love the way the notes move up at the 1:24 mark. Totally laid back and cool at the same time.
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Being on the firing line with 5/11 artillery battalion with towed M198 155mm field guns... (probably louder on the recieving end but...NO THANKS)


the time I was at a 4th of July fireworks display at a large city park and one of the "Italian Thunder" shells exploded about 50 foot off the ground and blew out windows in the surrounding neighborhood
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Originally Posted by Duggeh View Post
End of Fleetwood Macs The Chain. Nuff said.
That is a good one...and the guitar is pretty good as well.
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I've always had a fondness for "Don't Drink the Water" by the Dave Matthews Band (from the ...Crowded Streets album).

The Who has some good ones too..."The Real Me" from Quadrophenia, and "Baba O'Reilly" from Who's Next.

I think that the one I like the best, however, is in a Rush tune called "The Analog Kid".
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Originally Posted by Austin 3:16 View Post
Black Sabbath- N.I.B.
Definately, I also like quite a few of the John Butler Trio tunes due to their laid back bass.
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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
"Angel" - Massive Attack for me... ^_^
oooh, I was decking the HD650 with that last night...

I think mine is Daft Punks - Digital Love at about 3:55 into the song. Makes almost any speaker go into a full scream bass howl.
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Pink Floyd - Hey You has some crazy bass.

AFI - Death of Seasons. The end of the bridge/outro has this combo bass drum and really deep bass hit at the beginning of each bar that is really huge.
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My ultimate bass playing moment was seeing Les Claypool live.

As for LF generally I also agree with the Portishead, Massive Attack examples and would add Leftfield's LF work on Leftism..
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Walk On The Wild Side - Lou Reed, liquid smooth and deep bass, very refined sounding. Jarboe version of American Dreaming by Dead Can Dance, if you have a good sub the bass in this song will make your house vibrate and the windows rattle.
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Carbon Based Lifeforms - Central Plains

From this album:

When the bass kicks in...it's amazing. The gut feeling is extraordinary. One of the best ambient tracks.
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Chris Wood has some great moments on Medeski Martin and Wood's "Combustication". The entire bass line to "Hypnotized", for example (amazing song all around). And his solo at the end of "Latin Shuffle" may be out of tune, but it sure has feel -- and it's one of the songs that convinced me to learn upright!
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Definitely "Golden Grounds" from The Gathering's Souvenirs. Some great deep bass, especially toward the end.
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Most memorable would be Crystal Method, can't remember which track though. With a good sub you actually feel the bass coming before it fades in. You hear no bass but you (and everything around you) is shaking, coolest thing ever.
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