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What's you ultimate bass moment?

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Artist: Led Zeppelin
Song: Since I've Been Loving You
Album/Version/Performance: Led Zeppelin (box set 1990)


When the bass comes in at the start of the verse when the vocals start. The bass note just rings out and rattles my head and at the very end there's a crackle of distortion. Cranked!
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Vengaboys - We Like To Party ...... the bass slam that starts 28 seconds into the song...

Ok, ok on a more serious/audiophile note, my other favorite bass moment is:

Artist: Light Of Aidan feat. Note For A Child
Song Name: Loving You
Album: Cafe Del Mar Vol 14

TEH BASS at the start of this song... ZOMG.... Awesome! It goes sooo low and vibrates like hell... you need some decent equipment to enjoy it though, otherwise its gonna sound like a dry fart.
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The first time I started using some Nichicon MUSE ES caps!

Otherwise, there's this Danish underground psytrance artist, Jahbo, that works bass better than I thought possible.. working on a track with 'loon", whom I'm not too familiar with.. "Jahbo vs Loon - Two Stoned Babas". I must admit though, I'm much more into the likes of zeppelin lately but those guys know their bass..
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The first time I heard Nirvana's cover of "Love Buzz" off of Bleach... blew my 11 year-old mind.
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ratatat - tacobell cannon

!!!! really need to check it out....crazy on headphones
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Freestylers & Pendulum - Painkiller
Very clean, and very low.. Bass extension ftw!
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Kraftwerk's Tour de France soundtracks has plenty of nice and very low bass.
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Prodigy - Smack my B*tch up; first boom is amazing, i usually use this as my test bass track as well.
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Amon Tobin's 'Esther's', especially the alternative version that he plays at live shows. Those kick drums almost make me sick, they're so good.
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Metallica- (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
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Just a few songs off the top of my head

Dave Weckl Band - Mud Sauce
Limp Bizkit - Re arranged
Tool - Schism
Bela Fleck - Sinister Minister
The Who - The Real Me
Thievery Corp - Lebanese Blonde
Neil Young - Cowgirl In The Sand
RHCP - Around The World
All Saints - Black Coffee
RATM - Take The Power Back
Porcupine Tree - Hatesong
Liquid Tension Experiment - Three Minute Warning
Ozric Tentacles - Chewier
Portishead - Numb

Oh and "I'm Your Hoochie Coochie man" by Muddy Waters, sick bass line
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Black Sabbath- N.I.B.
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End of Fleetwood Macs The Chain. Nuff said.
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Why you wanna - T.I

If you listen carefully, the bass is shorter at 1:37 than rest of the song.
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