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News: dual drivers, 5 flanged IEM from Teac

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After their very special bone conducting 'phone, , Teac has decided to venture into the high end IEM market with a new 2-way IEM model: inCore Audio ZE-1000. It features a set of dual balance armature that said to 'deliver "natural" textures and "thrilling" dynamics'. Don't really known what to expect from Teac, but at leat they will have a Guinness World Record for making the shortest 5-flange tips ever seen on IEM. Good jod, Teac!

Don't they look like a set of old MylarOne on steroid?

News via Engadget.
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The TEAC inCore Audio ZE-1000 potentially is a great IEM, but:

1) How much will it cost for the US market?

2) How does it compare against the Ultimate Ears super.fi 5 Pro, Shure SE420, and other dual-armature driver IEM's?
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infos about them? where we can find additional photos and news about them? who sells them?
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Here the press release in Japanese

ƒCƒ“ƒCƒ„[ƒXƒeƒŒƒIƒCƒ„ƒzƒ“winCore AUDIO ZE-1000x‰¢B‚É‚Ä”*”„ŠJŽn‚Ì‚¨’m‚点 | ƒjƒ…[ƒXƒŠƒŠ[ƒX ƒeƒBƒAƒbƒNŠ”Ž®‰ïŽÐiTEACj

Excite (online) Translated proceeding

Some more info in Japanese

they have a price look like around 250 euro 40 000 yen if I believe the translation

Exite Translated proceeding
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After some news digging...
Model name ZE-1000
Speaker type Balanced Armature Drivers (Two in an ear piece)
Sensitivity 109dB SPL/mW
Impedance (1 kHz) 15 ohms
Frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Cable length 47 in. / 1.2 m
Weight 15 g
Stereo plug 1/8 in. / 3.5 mm

From another press release, it stated that the initial release price is 249Euro or around 40K Japanese Yen. The sell in Japan has already started. Guess we should be looking at Audiocube for one of these?

Teac claim that their 5 flange tips can be inserted very shallowly yet provide a good seal, therefore are much more comfortable than foam in long run. They also claim it isolated very well...
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PDF brochure from german teac in english


Here an other pages not much more info but they have a picture of the teac in his box
i-zune.com - Global Homepage For Microsoft Zune, Accessories, Software, Wallpapers... - TEAC Releases "inCore Audio" Sound Isolating Earphones

From the same german page with the brochure in english
if you click on photo then 300dpi you can have the extra large image 1471x2244

TEAC Europe GmbH: Features
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They also have an Incore 200 which is a mic + earphone integrated for those who work in loud environment. Nothing to do with high-fi nor music but it's an interesting concept.

The mic is in the earphones

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these flanges are like the razor blades. they add as much as they can.
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Bump ^ up

It's been 10 months already. I could google a couple of place that have them for $299 so who going to take one for the team

Some quick google.( non-verified link )

TASCAM InCore Audio ZE1000 Hi-Definition Earphones (New): Compare Prices, View Price History and Read Reviews at NexTag

Teac InCore Audio ZE1000 Hi-Definition Earbuds at AmericanMusical.com
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Anyone remember the xtrememac fs1 4 flange tips?...Total rubbish is how I would describe them!!!

I wonder what Teac has done differently, they sure look like the same design as the FS1 tips!!!
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Originally Posted by ClieOS View Post
Don't they look like a set of old MylarOne on steroid?


I'm interested in those steroids... pm me, if you have some for my mylars . ->

potentially adding some drivers, gaining in-ear-capabilities, even a leather case.. imagine the possibilities of steroids!
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Looks great. any reviews?

How do they sound?
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They probably sound like crap, since 7 months after release, there's no reviews and discussions here (apart from this little thread). Besides the words "dual armature" and "new" works like "honey pot" to head-fi/hi-fi world. If no one has them already (or maybe has, but there's nothing to rave about in terms of SQ), I don't think it's a product worth more than 200E.
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maybe they should give out review units out like monsters. heh
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Those tips look nasty. They must shred the skin in your canal.
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