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I have an Onkyo DV SP-302 that I have only used a hand full of times. Lately when I try to use it I have to hit the open button about 20 times or better to get the try to come out. When you press the button you can hear the motor spin and that's it.

I took the case off and the drive looks pretty generic, it says ASATECH. I couldn't find much else stamped on it. The tray looks like it runs off gears not a belt, so I'm guessing the motor is shot.

So looks like I'll need a new DVD player, I still run an Analog TV so I don't need anything crazy expensive. Do brands even matter any more? I was looking at both the Panasonic DVD-S1S, and the Sony DVP-NS57P. I'm not sure which one I would go for, or is there something better then either of them?