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Post your portable player journey!

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OK, so I was watching the portable rig thread and people were posting what players they have had over the years. SO....I thought it might be a good idea to post what your process has been.

1999: $300 Sony Discman - still the thinnest CD player I have ever seen.

2000: iRock MP3 128MB with SmartCard extra storage maxed out at 256MB.

2004: 1G pink iPod Mini 4GB

2005: 4G iPod 20GB B&W

2006: 1G Black iPod Nano 4GB

2006: 5G Black Video iPod 30GB

2007: (Dec.) iPod Touch 16GB

I know that this makes me look like an iPod purist, but two of these iPods I won. Two I traded for other iPods. So, in thruth, I have ever only completely bought one new iPod (the Pink 1G Mini).
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Mine is very simple.

Late 90's - Sony Discman (loved that it had FM too!)
2003 - Rio Karma 20GB (on it's dying last breaths)
2007 - Sandisk Sansa e250 w/Rockbox
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I don't remember years, but:

CD player>MD player>Sony CD player>Sony MD N-1>Creative Nomad>Apple Ipod (1st model that's compatible with PC)>Ipod nano 1st G>4th G ipod>3rd G nano
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Late 90's - Sony Discman
2000 - Sony MD player - I can't remember what model it was.
2003 - 4G 20GB iPod
2005 - 5G 30GB iPod
2007 - 4G 60GB iMod > 5.5G 80GB iMod & Panasonic SL-CT 810 CD player(I got this when I went on a trip to Japan.)
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Proud Rio purist checking in:

- Rio PMP300 (awful)
- Rio 600 (free replacement for crappy PMP300)
- Rio Volt SP250
- Rio Karma
- TrekStor vibez
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2004: iriver H120, 2005: iPod nano, 1G, 2006: iPod, 5G. I do use all three still.

Prior to 2004 I've had a few portable cd players but can't remember all of them or the years.
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before 2006: no portable player!
x-mas 2006: iPod Nano 2GB
recent: iRiver ihp-120 20GB
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Well, it all started back in 2004 when i first imported from Singapore an Iriver H340. I used it with stock earbuds until i got a Shure E2c in 2005. In 2006 i bought a Cowon A2 30GB. Then i found head-fi, which lead me to a huge amoung of upgrades. The first was a Grado SR-60 in 2006 followed by a PAV2V2 portable amp. Then, already in 2007, around january, i bought an Ipod Nano 2nd gen. 8GB, a Dell XPS M1210 laptop, an AKG K701 and a Grado RS-1. After that I decided to get a Headroom MicroDAC to use it with my laptop and aimming an Iriver H120, which i ended up getting about a week after receiving the MicroDAC. After the H120, i was feeling it was time to upgrade my portable amp. So i started to research an got a RSA "M" Hornet. After that cables started to come to mind, so i bought a mini-mini and a female ipod dock line out adapter from TURBO. After that i decided that the ALO line out ipod dock wasn't all that expensive and all the positive reviews and service quality of Ken Ball lead me to get a Cryo dock. After a few weeks i finally upgraded to a Jumbo Cryo dock. About a month or two ago i bought an Ipod Classic 160GB. I think i'm OK for a while ...
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iIriver H120
*1G iPod 5GB --> 10GB (replaced the HDD)
3G iPod 20GB
Rio Carbon Pearl
4G iPod 20GB
*Meizu M6 4GB
*Zune 30GB

* - still have these

This is the order that I bought them in, but I have done so much trading and selling I can't remeber a timeline of what I did with them all. And now that I have graduated college I am probably going to sell off the Meizu and the iPod, and keep the Zune.

But then again I don't know if I could part ways with my 1G iPod. The thing is a brick, but it is so cool.
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2001 and under : Sony Discman
2002: 512 MB Sandisk usb/mp3 player
2005: Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra
2006: Creative Zen Vision M
2007: Ipod Touch > Archos 605
2008: Sony NWZ-A818

Im sticking with the sony until I graduate and can afford a better upgrade. The sony's SQ is amazing, alot better than any other mp3 player I have owned.
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Don't Remember Exact Years:
~1989-Sony Walkman
~1992-Sony Discman
~1995-2003 Various PCDPs
March 2003-2G 10GB iPod
Fall 2004-4G 20GB iPod
Fall 2006-5G 60GB iPod
September 2007-2G 4GB iPod Nano ProductRED(Free with new comp)
December 2007-6G 160GB iPod
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Sony Walkman CD Player
Some brand's MP3 CD Player
3rd gen 15 GB iPod
5th gen 30 GB iPod
6th gen 160 GB iPod Classic
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Sanyo Discman
Panasonic Discman
iPod 20GB 2G
iPod 40GB 3G
Cowon iAudio X5 30GB
iMod Color 60GB
iPod Nano 8GB 3G
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1997: Panasonic PCDP + stocks earbuds

Dark Ages
1998-2005: None. just getting some P2P action

DAP Hiatus ends
2005: NHJ VHD-5100 + stocks earbuds (bad experience)

DAP Nerd Era rolls in
2006: iriver H320 + stocks Senn (great) + Rockbox (the greatest)

The Fanboy Wars
2007: Black Zune 30 + stocks earbuds + Marshmallows + AKG k26p (quite great)

2008 and beyond: Black Zune 80 + stocks earbuds + Marshmallows + AKG k26p (still in transit)

Between 2005-2008 I have played with these other sources: Insignia Video, Virgin 5GB player, Mpeye HTS-120
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Before 2004: RCA CD Player
2004: iRiver ifp-799 1GB
2004: Panasonic SL-SV570 CD Player
2007: Meizu M6 4GB (I miss my Meizu )
2008: Sony A818
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