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The compact iMod or iPod to RCA cable for the LISA3 AMP

Crafted with the larger 18G JenaLabs Ultra Wire cryogenically treated at JenaLabs. Combined with the ALO Au/Ag 20 gauge wire. Terminated with a Switchcraft RT angle plug to a Switchcraft Rt angle RCA plug with gold contacts. The Right leg is made slightly longer to accommodate the RCA offset so the cables with end up the same length when connected. The cable comes with a ALO Female iMod Mini Dock, or iPod mini dock. The iMod Female Mini dock has 2 Black Gate Caps installed in the connector so you can use this with any mini to mini or mini to RCA cable with your iMod. The ALO LISA3 iMod and iPod cable delivers the fullest most detailed sound you can obtain using a iPod source. The LISA3 AMP with the RCA inputs in the back makes for a somewhat difficult cable solution. With these cables we provide the most compact foot print with a sonically solid design tailor made for the outstanding LISA3 amps.