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Pico amp pictures compilation thread

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Given the number of pictures of the Pico amp spread across many forum posts, I've decided to consolidate them all to one thread. Feel free to post your own pictures too! I will try to update this first post with all the subsequent pictures so people won't have to go through the thread just to look at the pictures. Hopefully this will help you guys to choose the color combination you want.

Original render:

Official picture with rubber feet from Justin:

Black with clear knob, by chouman:

Black with clear panels, by Edwood:

Black Pico on top of AE-2, by Asr:

Black Pico next to Grado PS-1, by TwoFiveOne:

Gray Pico, by wakeride74:

Black Pico next to Predator, by Asr:

Pico internals, by Asr:

Click here for more images

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This thread is a torture for me...
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Same here... I wish I had one right now. It looks so small too, maybe if I sell everything I have LOL My favorite is the black one with clear panels.
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Their is also a picture of a black pico with a pair of hd650s in the same thread were you got all these other pictures.
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Stunning pictures!
Really nice looking amplifier as well...
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Thanks for posting this thread. Was looking for pics of what the actual Pico colours are. It has been decided. I will get the clear one in 2 months! Unless another usbdac/amp comes which overcomes the Pico.
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Nice thread, thanks!

I'll add my submission soon, hopefully mine arrives tomorrow!

I heard there was a bronze color, is that true? Has anyone seen one?
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I'm falling in love with the clear with gray volume knob Pico.

I'm burnin here and so my visa!
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That very last picture is still listed under the Pico and it is the Predator just for your clarification.
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Everyone is taking pictures trying to show how small the pico is.
But really the pico is huge. Here are a few pics. (which are also huge)

pico vs American Central Hudson J3A

pico vs ferarri

pico vs big ben
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Hey Kevin,
More importantly , what is your opinion of the Pico? I think it is a dynamite little amp!
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I'm biased. (as in pure class A) So my opinion is meaningless.
But people who know me, and know what kind of stuff i own, and
don't own would know that i only own items that are the absolute
best in their class. And stuff that isn't, or is unreliable leaves quickly.
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Doesn't anyone have a picture of the one that is the same color as the picture of the AE-2 in Justin's sponsored thread? That's the color I had ordered (before I cancelled) -- the grey with clear.
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My pictures are here:

Index of /pictures/pico

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Well I guess we can ask again in two weeks and see if you still own it
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