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Originally Posted by grandenigma1 View Post
If you add them to your cart you can see the available color options. Seems to be your typical options for the body and black or white for the cable. Lazy and boring me just went with triple black.
If I were to jump on these, I'd probably do triple black as well.

But then I wouldn't be able to see the internals, and they might only put two armatures in there and I would never know. But I don't think they would do that...
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I'd always go for the clear, I am really considering LiveWires - mainly due to the cable and its detachability, but if I do get either, will def be clear all around!

Also read this:

Personalize your FreQ:

We do offer additional customizations that are not included for the standard sales price. For $12 extra dollars you would be able to get things like; special colors, patterns, nicknames, sayings, gift ideas, team colors, logos and slogans. Just to name a few. In the event you are interested in personalizing your FreQ even more, make sure to mention the details during the checkout process. You may also wish to speak with a FreQ agent and they can assist you with any question that you may have.

Sounds fun I'd go for a old english style J - link - red on the right and blue on the left!
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$12? Where do I sign up. Ultimate Ears charges above $100 for custom colors and designs if I recall correctly.
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I am about to pull the plug on the Super FreQ's. I just need to sell my Super.fi.Eb's first(104 shipped in the FS forum!). I think i will go triple black as well. Its just so very classy. Also, I think i am going to get professional impressions. I am not to keen on doing it myself.
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I have emailed them regarding the $12 custom designs, seeing what they say.
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I just placed my order! I was worried at first, but after i saw that they can do a refund minus 10%, i was fine with the whole thing. I will let you know when i recieve my kit, and I will be sure to post pictures of the IEMS. I went for the triple black option.
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ooo the excitement is building up!
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its all nice and cute, but has anyone actually heard these ? yea, theres a couple here that decided to bite the bullet, but i think that the rest should excesize caution untill theres a proper review,
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Yeah, its a new company, and the few people that have bought them are testing the water for everyone else.

I am waiting for a review before I decide whether to get LiveWires or the Freqs, although I am preferring LW's due to their cable and its replaceability!
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I just got an email from the FreQ saying that they've received my impressions.

I really love how well this company keeps you informed. They really understand how excited you are about receiving their product and want to satisfy your thirst for information.

If the FreQ is half as good as their customer service, I'll be happy
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Wow, day by day they are beginning to convince me, the idea of a full Clear and black cable 3-Driver Freq is reallllly tempting me.
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Don't worry, I'll probably receive the thing early next week and tell you all about it!
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They should have my impressions by tomorrow or Saturday I would imagine. Looking forward to it as well.
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Well I called my my closest audiologist, who quoted me $45 for a ear test and a set of impressions, so that sounds good.

Will probably go and get them done on Monday.

Then it's the battle between Super Freqs and LiveWires! Half of me wishes I could stumble upon $1500 and get the UE11's *droolz*

Oh by the way, with taking impressions, should I do it the Westone way, open jaw biting on a foam block thing?

Or should I request them taken with my mouth closed, what you guys suggest?
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My self-made impressions were open-mouth ones. I think that's the best way to get a decent seal with customs.
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