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Ten New Songs

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For all Leonard Cohen's fens out there. This is a brand new album, yes the man is back.
Just listening to it for the first time (it was released in Sweden last week) and really like it.
The production also appears to be quite good, although I have only my discman right now. Very deep and prominent bass. Could become a test record for bass response.
If you're into Cohen (like I'm) grab a copy of "10 new songs" there are several very good tracks there.
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How does the album compare to his last few albums from the late 80s/early 90s? I have his Best Of Vol. 2 and while those songs are clearly great, I think they are partly ruined by the cheezy and poorly done Casio synth sounds. Really really bad and amateurish.

Does this sound more modern?

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To answer your question markl both yes and no.
The way Cohen sings is the same like in the last 2-3 albums i.e. very deep low vocals with some female backing. The sound is IMO a bit more modern but still pure Cohen. The music serves only as a background.
The production is very good but the mixing is quite strange. No doubt it is done on purpose, but the bass is overblown on occasions and hi-hats sound distorted. The emotional power of the music however is there 100%. This is the way with Cohen IMO. He is take it or leave it experience.
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